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"Just someone going to meet an old friend who is in a bit of trouble," The Lord Of Light answered. "Wait a moment, Doctor. "I'm contacting them now. Yes. Good. They agree. They'll take him and see that he stays out of trouble. You may materialize inside on the grand promenade."
The Doctor activated the controls. The TARDIS disappeared and reappeared inside the great hall. Jo and the others were amazed by what they saw on the screen...a vast city going in all directions, beautiful beyond any words to describe it. A curious crowd of very beautiful human-like people and various non-humans gathered around the TARDIS.
"Who are they?" Jo asked.
"I've never learned what they call themselves," The Lord Of Light answered, "They are the oldest race I know. My people call their ships Ghosts, and their crews Ghosties. Ages ago their home world was destroyed by a super nova. They escaped in ships like these. Their law strictly forbids them to take what belongs to others, or interfere in any way with another developing culture, so they are space wanderers, gathering up and using what would be destroyed before others could use it. Their elders are approacihing. Would you be so kind, Doctor, as to open the door?"
The TARDIS doors swung open and six hooded figures entered, and bowed politely to The Lord Of Light.
"Which one is it?" one of them inquired in a very soft and gentle voice, "you wish us to take, care for, and see that he does no harm?"
"This one," announced The Lord Of Light. "He is called Count Frederick Clermore. The Dark One has been in his mind, and he cannot be trusted to return home with the knowledge he has absorbed. He would do untold harm."
The Elder walked over to the Count. "Yes," he agreed, "I see. We will see to his well being. He will live out his days with comfort and joy."
"I'm not going with you!" the Count screamed. "Nothing can make me go!"
The elder turned and nodded to one of his companions, who approached, letting the hood fall back. It revealed a very beautiful woman, with soft, almost shining large brown eyes. She held out her hand and said "Come, do not be afraid."
The Count tried to back away but slowly his hand rose to hers, and as they touched, he smiled and slowly let the woman lead him from the ship. "It is our wish," the elder announced, "you might stay awhile. It is mating time, all the ship is full of joy. Your friends are welcome."
"I am sorry," announced the Lord Of Light, "but our burden is heavy and we must be on our way."
The elder bowed and led his companions from the TARDIS which immediately dematerialized, reappeared outside the ship, and headed off for the fading vortex. Reappearing in its own dimension it again shot across time and space.
"What are you up to?" asked The Lord Of Darkness as they approached an empty desert world. "Why are we going there?"
As the TARDIS plunged back through time, the world ahead disappeared in a blinding flash. When it reappeared it was beautiful.
"It looks alot like Earth," commented Sgt. Benton, "except the continents are different. There's nothing on the equator. All the land masses are north and south."
The machinery was activated and the vortex opened. The TARDIS plunged through and went into orbit around the world below. They had been there but a short time when another vessel approached. Even the most unlearned observer could tell there was something wrong with the ship. It was twisted and broken. Great holes were ripped in its hull, in many places the paint was seared by intesnse heat.
"Lock a constant radio signal on it," The Lord Of Light ordered. "I won't be long."
"No!" screamed The Lord Of Darkness. "You're mad! You're completely mad! I won't go! You can't make me! I won't go over there!"
"You have no choice!" The Lord Of Light snapped, seizing his adversary. They faded away into nothingness, and a few moments later The Lord Of Light reappeared. "NOW, Doctor!" he ordered, "A thousand years into the future!"
The Doctor backed off through the vortex, went forward, one-thousand years in time, opened another vortex, and shot through. "A single beam to the surface," The Lord Of Light announced, "about in the middle of that continent shaped like a bell. I bid you farewell!"
The Lord Of Light nodded at Oliver, who slipped through the door and disappeared down the hall. Then, for the second time he faded from view. The Doctor turned the TARDIS around and headed back through the vortex.
"I don't understand," announced Jo, "what have you done? Where have they gone?"
"Back to their beginnings," explained the Doctor. "The Lord Of Darkness could not be destroyed, but The Lord Of Light figured a way to imprison him, so he could do no further damage. He put him back into the dying body which was his first inhabitation, his very beginning, and The Lord Of Light has also returned to HIS beginning because Darkness and Light have to be balanced. Now they are forever stuck in a time loop, having to live through

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