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That night, as true midnight approached, a strange noise began to be heard in a deserted park, and a blue police box with a flashing light on top appeared in an open space. Barely had it materialized, than all the lights in the park blinked out. Cautiously several figures apparoached, keeping to the shadows. The TARDIS' door opened, and The Lord Of Light emerged.
"All right," he snapped, "Where's the conversion bomb? You don't get near the TARDIS until I disarm it!"
"This way," one of the men said. He opened the back of a statue's pedestal. The Lord Of Light bent down and a few moments later stood, holding a long, metallic object. He struck it three times on the pedestal until it rattled when he shook it.
'That takes care of that!" he announced. "Now tell your Master he may enter the TARDIS."
Inside the TARDIS Jo and Sgt. Benton held the captives at gun point. But when The Lord Of Light entered, they turned their weapons around and handed them to their captives. Moments later The Lord Of Darkness entered, followed by his associates.
"Ah!" he chuckled, "At last! You are so predictable, my adversary. Threaten to destroy a few insignificant animals, and you do whatever I ask. I should destroy that horrid form you dwell in, but I want you to witness my victory. Soon ALL will be mine! My kingdom shall be the greatest that ever existed! You, Doctor, program the vessel to take me to these coordinates and time."
The Doctor started forward and The Lord Of Darkness suddenly held up his hand.
"No! You're all cooperating too easily! You're up to something. I can sense it. Master, you set the controls. You value your existence more than THEY do. I can trust you better."
The Master nodded and programmed the TARDIS, then sent it on its way. The Lord Of Darkness smiled. "Soon," he cried, "soon that abomination that destroyed my glory, my magnificent dream, will be swept away, and I will sweep through the universe bringing all under my domination. All is mine, MINE!" he burst into laughter. "We have several hours," he said to his associates, "keep them here. I will explore. I will return shortly before our arrival and then I will change history. For now, I will become acquainted with my new vessel."
Laughing again, he left the control room. The hours passed, and the guards paid little attention. The Master, wandering about the control room, looked at the instruments, looked surprised, then studied them carefully, again, then turned to the Doctor with a smile, and nodded. Suddenly the view screen showed a shimmering, spinning silver circle, that began to grow larger and larger. The TARDIS rocketed towards it. As it neared, another TARDIS shot out just moments before they plunged in. The ship was filled with the shimmering silver light, and all inside froze. But as it reemerged on the other side, The Lord Of Light moved with incredible speed. In an instant he stripped The Lord Of Darkness' people of their weapons, and gave them to his own friends, as they recovered from the effect of the dimensional passage. Moments later The Lord Of Darkness ran screaming into the control room.
"What have you done?" he shrieked. "How? I checked the settings! How did we get here?"
The Master laughed. "You fool!" he cried, "You ignorant fool! They preset the controls. No matter what you set them on afterwards, the TARDIS would go where THEY programmed it! They've emerged a few weeks after the time you wanted."
"Look at the screen," chuckled The Lord Of Light, "recognize where we are? In the midst of the very battle you're trying to prevent! But fortunately the TARDIS is now emitting a Republic recognition signal and a message to defend us at all cost. Try to contact YOUR forces now! They will ignore any message you transmit and here I have my full powers."
The Lord Of Light stepped from Capt. Oliver's body, taking on his true form as a magnificent winged entity. "Are you coming out?" The Lord Of Light snapped, "Or must we do this the hard way?"
The Lord Of Darkness, too, emerged from the physical form he had possessed. When Jo saw its true nature, she shrieked.
"It's not done yet!" screamed The Lord Of Darkness. With a horrid cry he flung himself on The Lord Of Light and for several moments they fought viciously until The Lord Of Light finally beat him to the floor. In the meantime, the Doctor had reversed the TARDIS and it plunged back through the dimensional vortex, then again began to travel in time, free of the dimension that robbed it of that ability.
"The Dark One's walk through the ship was no pleasure jaunt," explained The Lord Of Light. "He has connected his vortex creating machinery to the ship's circuits. I have read enough of his thoughts to know it can be activated by switching on the ship's auxillary shields. When we reach this time and place I chose, Doctor, activate it."

* * *

The Doctor obliged. A couple of hours later, and they emerged back into The Lord Of Light's dimension. On the viewscreen a huge metallic ball the size of a large moon hung in space on the edge of a great ice field. As they approached, another smaller vessel disappeared in a shimmering glow not far away.
"What was that?" Jo asked.

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