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"Quite right, young lady!" The Master responded, entering the room dressed as a British army general. "I brought the Brigadier some reinforcements, and I assure you, Doctor, I'm as anxious to rid our universe of this scourge that has entered it as much as you are. As much as it pains me, I am afraid I must join forces with you, and, that until the danger is passed.. This upstart, this petty god had the audacity to contact me and say that either I served him, or he would destroy me! I do not like such ultimatums, so I am at your service!"
"I bet!" snapped Jo, "He's probably promised you a dimension all your own!"
"True, Miss Grant," the Master replied, "but a dimension without a TARDIS, where time travel is impossible, is not to my liking!"
"All he says is true," commented The Lord Of Light, "but he does not say everything. The other Master already HAS his time machine, which he disabled before he made his escape. He tries to hide this fact from my mind, but I read through his barriers like they weren't even there! Surprisingly, until we rid the universe of the other Master, he will be quite cooperative!"
"You are as much of a nuisance as your opposite said you were!" The Master snapped. "True, through a deception he captured my TARDIS, but the controls are so jammed it will take him a year to figure out how it works! I took the liberty of copying the formula you used for your bullets. My men also are so equipped. Would this be of any help to you?" The Master pulled out a Darkness gun, and tossed it to Oliver.
"It may be," The Lord Of Light agreed. "having one I may be able to come up with a defense."
"Young lady," requested The Master, "I'm very tired, I'm very thirsty, and I'm very hungry. Is there any possibility you could do something about the last two?"
Jo looked to the Doctor, who nodded. "I think we could all use something," he agreed, and Jo hurried off. After a few minutes Oliver sat the Darkness gun aside.
"Pretty standard," he announced, "except for the microphone and transmitter concealed in the grip! Obviously it was meant for you to take the weapon. As usual The Master finds some use for even those who will not cooperate with him."
"I would appreciate it," The Master growled, "if you would call that egotistical maniac something else besides The Master! It is a title I have reserved for myself!"
The Lord Of Light laughed. "Very well!" he agreed, "from now on I will call him The Dark One, for your benefit."
Jo and Sgt. Benton entered, carrying trays. "I've got the tea," Jo announced, "the good Sergeant has some sausage and smash and greens, or something."
The Sergeant passed around the plates, keeping a plate apiece for himself and Jo. They were eating when one of the guards entered.
"That animated trash can says he's in telepathic contact with his leader, and he has a message that he must deliver immediately. If you do not listen, you will all be exterminated!"
"Bring him up," Capt. Oliver remarked. A few minutes later the Dalek rolled through the door.
"My Master wishes me to inform you that since our raid failed to obtain for him what we need to complete our mission, he must resort to stronger measures. He has constructed a conversion bomb which he assures you functions quite well. If you doubt rather or not the technology works, observe the uninhabited slag heap visible in the distance."
Barely had those present turned towards the window, than there was a bright flash. When the light faded, the slag heap was gone. A few minutes later a shower of quartz crystals no bigger than grains of salt began to shower down on the yard. "What in blazes?" gasped Sgt. Benton.
"As you see," the Dalek continued, "my Master is not bluffing. The next one will destroy this building, and everything else within one-hundred miles." All eyes in the room fell on The Lord Of Light. "We have no choice," he announced, "we must comply or everything within 100 miles down to bedrock will be converted to energy. And that energy will re-form back into matter; tons of sand! A conversion bomb is one of our most terrible weapons!"
"Where does your Master wish us to meet him?" He will be in the park to the east at exactly midnight...TRUE midnight. You will meet him there with the machine. You will return the Cybermen their weapons, and then I shall accompany you. The Master does not trust you. You would throw away your lives to defeat him, so the female and the male shall come, too. Any treachery and they will immediately be exterminated!"
"Agreed," said The Lord Of Light, "but first before the Cybermen get their weapons and the Master the TARDIS, I inspect the conversion bomb and disarm it. Knowing your Master as I do, he is capable of detonating it after we depart in sheer spite."
"My Master has heard," the Dalek announced. "He agrees."
"Seems I'm the only male in the room besides you three," commented Sgt. Benton, "I guess I'm the hostage!"
"You guessed correctly," The Lord Of Light commented, "but don't worry. We're far from beaten!"

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