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"No HUMAN could!" the Doctor laughed, "But you forget, "Oliver isn't totally human."
The Doctor walked over to the window and looked out. A worried expression suddenly came over his face. "Good grief, Jo!" he explained, "Take a quick look what's down there in the yard!"
Jo took a quick glance, and what she saw filled her with horror. Among the bodies of the Cybermen were also the burned out hulks of four Daleks!
"Cybermen AND Daleks TOGETHER?" Jo asked.
Capt. Oliver walked back through the lab door. "Got away!" he cursed. "That was Kron, one of the Master's worst henchmen. I got a couple of good ones at him, and he'll be hurting for a while. But he knocked me down and somebody else started shooting at me with a Darkness gun. By the time I took care of HIM Kron had hopped into some kind of air ship and escaped. Recognize this helmet, Doctor? The one I terminated was wearing it."
The Doctor walked over and took the helmet. "I've never met one," he admitted, "but if I remember my Academy studies, this is the helmet of an Angorian, a vicious race, old enemies to The Time Lords. Angorians, Daleks, and Cybermen working together? They're all bitter enemies. What force would make them work together?"
"Only The Master," said The Lord Of Light, "he's the only one that could supply them with Darkness guns. But what could he have promised them?"

* * *

"Well, we've got three we can question," announced the Brigadier, coming in. "Look what we captured! We damaged its weapon without machine gun fire, and it actually gave itself up!"
A Dalek followed him through the door, closely followed by two soldiers with weapons at the ready.
"I don't think they're going to be too talkative," complained the Doctor.
"They don't have to be," put in The Lord Of Light.
Capt. Oliver sat down and a golden, shimmering light emergec from his mouth, arched across the room in a gentle wave, and entered the mouth of the first Cyberman. The Cyberman began to shake all over, then settled down. A moment later the golden glow left his mouth and entered his companion who had the same reaction. Jo, who had gone over to Capt. Oliver, was taking his pulse. "Hurry!" she cried, "He's barely breathing!" The golden glow left The Cyberman and entered the Dalek. A few moments later it left, shooting back across the room and entering Oliver. "Oh!" he moaned. "Oliver needs a few more hours before he can operate independently. I have, however, Doctor, acquired the necessary information. The Master is using the carrot and the club techique. He has contacted the leaders of each race, promising them this. He will have dominion over his own dimension, and he will give each of them absolute dominon over a dimension, removing from the other three dimensions all their competition, putting all the Daleks, all the Cybermen, Krons, in another, and using his ability to travel in time to guarantee that they win every battle, overcome every foe, have absolute dominion over their dimensions. That is the carrot. The club is if they refuse to cooperate with him, he will travel throughout time, giving their enemies the means to destroy their armies. We were fortunate these ones all served the commanders of their race, and overheard the plot!"
"Could he do it?" Jo asked.
"If he wanted to," the Lord Of Light replied. "Once he had a time machine and the ability to travel anywhere he wants. No dimension or universe will be free from his touch. Above all else, we must not permit him to capture the TARDIS. You may take these away, Brigadier, we have no further use for them."
The Cybermen and Daleks were escorted out. Capt. Oliver rolled up his shirt sleeve and exposed a bruise on his arm. "Those Darkness guns hurt!" he complained. "How do they work, Doctor?"
"They're like a laser," the Doctor explained, "but what they shoot is far below the ultraviolet, so far below that the beam freezes everything in its path. It's like being hit by a chunk of ice travelling at the speed of light. Only The Lord Of Light's energy in your body kept you from being frozen solid. I imagine some of the soldiers that survived will lose an arm or a leg from severe frostbite."
"I'll go take care of THAT, Doctor. I may be able to revive some of the dead ones, if it's not too late!" Oliver hurried off and was gone for almost an hour.
"I was able to revive all but five," he announced. "The rest were beyond help."
"I thought NOTHING was beyond you!" Jo commented, knowing it was The Lord Of Light who spoke.
"I am not a god, Jo," The Lord Of Light answered. "There are limits to my power, and only so much energy I can expend, in a given time and place. If I had not been here, I assure you, many more than five would have been lost."
"He's quite right, Jo," the Doctor put in. "We would all be dead by now. His Master would have the TARDIS, and nowhere, NOWHERE would be safe."
"Well put, Doctor!" came a voice from the corridor. "Then we must make absolutely sure he does not get one...mine OR yours!"
Jo turned, and with a shriek cried, "The Master!"

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