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everything they have ever done over and over again, always returning to this time and this place. Neither can do any more than they have done before, but neither can either one do any less. The Dark One's power has been removed from the universe, but at a terrible cost."
They passed through the vortex, and reentered their own dimension. All very charming, Doctor," chuckled The Master, "but now that The Lord Of Light is gone, I have your TARDIS and the vortex apparatus. I also have the service revolver which no one bothered to remove from my holster. Sergeant, will you and the young lady be so kind as to surrender your weapons?"
There was a sudden hum and The Mster froze half in his turn, and Capt. Oliver emerged from the hallway, the Darkness gun still in his hand, took the revolver from The Master's grip, uncocked it, and put it in his belt.
"Weapon's only set on stun," he announced. "He'll snap out of it in a minute. The ultradimensional apparatus is completely destroyed, Doctor, as The Lord Of Light requested. Now all we have to do is return our captives to their assorted leaders, dump The Master near his TARDIS, and we can all go home!"
Jo laughed. "You had it all planned!"
"Evil is predictable," smiled Oliver. "You just have to be ready and waiting."
In short order they accomplished all that was required. A rather angry Master was dropped off in an amusement park, where a very popular ride disappeared a few moments later. About the same time the TARDIS appeared in UNIT's headquarters, and its occupants emerged.
"I must say," Sgt. Benton commented, "Jo's proved her worth this time!"
"I'll second that!" the Doctor added.
Capt. Oliver saluted. "It's been quite a time!" he said "But I've got to get going. This is an adventure I'll never forget! God bless you all!"
As the Brigadier entered, Oliver saluted, which the Brigadier sharply returned, then Oliver hurried off.
"Fine young man," the Brigadier complimented, "Fine young man! We'll hear alot about him in time to come!"
"Yes," agreed the Doctor, "Yes!" he stepped back inside the TARDIS. A few minutes later Jo joined him.
"What are you doing, Doctor?" she asked.
"Oh, just checking something in the TARDIS' computer," the Doctor answered, heading off toward his workshop. "Thought that name was familiar. Yes, Brigadier, you'll hear alot about that young man."
Jo walked over and looked at the computer screen. "William James Oliver," it said, "1954 - 2,047. Commendated air force officer, United States senator. American President, 1996 - 2,004. Established first World Currency; UN Credit. Secured forced peace in The Mid East, establishing New Palestine, a seperate state from Israel, to which all Palestinian refugees were moved. Political and economical genius. Also, laid the foundation of the first United Earth government.
His son, William James Oliver II, was the first United Earth president. His second son, Frank Howard Oliver, led the planetary expedition that led the way for the colonizing of the planets. His third son, Jack Frederick Oliver, rose to the rank of Supreme Commander all Earth's military forces."
Sgt. Benton poked his head in the door. "Want to go to lunch, Jo?" he asked, "On me!"
Jo reached over and switched off the computer before the burly Sergeant could see the screen. "My pleasure!" she agreed, "My pleasure!"
As they left the building the Sergeant bought a newspaper and read the headline.
"Well, it looks like Oliver's in the news already! Look at this....'Heroic American Pilot To Visit Queen"!"
Jo grabbed the paper. "So THAT'S how they meet!" she giggled.
"What?" asked Benton.
"Nothing!" Jo answered, "Nothing!" She continued walking down the street whistling "Hail Britannia" as the Sergeant stared, bewildered.
"Women!" he muttered, and hurried off after her.


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