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"Oh, thank you, Harry!" the professor acknowledged. "This will help him sleep tonight and dream pleasant dreams of the one who has been lost. I must say, Harry," the professor complimented, "you are everything my brother ever said you were. You know he deeply admired you, Harry. My brother had strange ways of showing things, but his criticism was always meant to help a student grow."
"I understand!" Harry answered. "I wish I had something to help me sleep!"
The professor smiled. "It's on your night stand, Harry!" Harry returned his smile, bowed and headed for his dorm. Harry was not surprised to find Professor McGonagall waiting in front of the painting of the fat lady who everyone was so glad to have back in her proper place. Harry looked at her and smiled.
"Back in the prison," Harry remarked "Professor Snape said Hermione would be the wife of the headmaster and a teacher here. Who will the headmaster be?"
The headmistress smiled. "Now, Harry!" she answered with her usual mischievous grin, "We know very well who that will be, don't we?" Harry returned her smile. Harry went to utter the password but the fat lady curtsied and opened the door. The headmistress knelt down and kissed Harry on the forehead then without a word hurried off. Harry got to his bed, found the potion and a glass of water, and took it. As he laid down Ron stirred.
"Draco all right?" he asked.
"As well as can be expected," Harry answered. "We're going to have to be especially kind to him, Ron, no matter how hard it is, we're going to have to forget a lot of bad feelings. He's going to need us and we need to be there, Crabbe and Goyle too!"
"I understand!" Ron answered. "Hell I can imagine if it was my dad! I wouldn't know what to do. I couldn't bear it, Harry!"
Harry only nodded and laid down. The potion was taking effect and he was soon other places, places he had never been before, incredible places surrounded by incredible beings. When he got up the next morning he found a note on his night table. "Harry," it said "I'd appreciate it very much if you and Hermione could drop by my house this afternoon after classes; just you and Hermione. There's something I'd like to discuss with you. Hagrid."
Ron asked what it was and Harry told him. "See?" Ron moaned, "I'm being left out of things already!"
Harry looked at him crossly. "I'm sure there's a reason," he put in. "You know how fond Hagrid is of you. I'm sure he'll let us tell you what it's about when he's ready."
Ron smiled. "Of course!" he managed, "Of course!"

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