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Chapter 6

"But there's one more person you have to see," the guard continued, "before you have to leave. This way!" As they made their way through the corridors Harry asked, "You're not a wizard, you're a muggle."
"Yes," the guard answered, "we have no magical powers. We have been bread for untold centuries to be immune to all magic. No magic power, no matter how powerful, can work against us. Ages of enchantments have made us invulnerable to it. That is the only way we can be guards here."
"But the dementors can carry you!" Harry put in. The guard smiled. "The dementors are magical, Harry, but they are also material. That material part is what bonds them to us, and enables them to transport us."
"I think I understand," Harry answered.
They came to another cell. The guard opened it and motioned Harry in. He found Professor Snape busily working. "Oh, hello, Harry!" the professor remarked. "You'll have to excuse me, I'm in the middle of a very delicate potion. There are only two of us here to make all the potions that are needed in the prison, and I'm afraid we're kept rather busy. My brother did not have the ingredients for a potion he needed. Its the one on the table with the silver lid. I would appreciate it if you'd take it to him. And before you ask, Harry, sometimes there are circumstances that force you to do things you don't really want to do. You'll find that out, Harry, both in good ways and bad ways. Thank you for coming!"
Harry went over, took the potion, and headed back to the door. He stopped and turned back. "Can you tell me why you were always so cross to Hermione?" he asked.
Snape looked up and smiled. "Harry," he answered, "whey you're a wise person you should understand that you know so much more than other people, and that you should give other people an opportunity to strengthen their knowledge and not answer all their questions. Hermione will some day be a great teacher at Hogwarts, the wife of The Headmaster always is. I was trying to help Hermione reach her greatness, Harry. I was not trying to humiliate or inhibit her. I'm sure Hermione understands."
Harry smiled. "Yes, professor!" he answered. "I sure she does." He left and the guard shut the door. "Is that safe," Harry asked, "letting him make potions?"
"He's given his word," the guard answered, "and he's only given enough ingredients for each potion. And remember, Harry, we're immune to all magic. Potions don't work on us."
"I still can't get used to that thought!" Harry muttered with a shiver.
They returned outside. Harry picked up his broom and the dementor settled behind the guard. The guard hesitated a moment then turned to the dementor. "Would you take on your other form?" he asked. The dementor backed up a little then bowed. Light shimmered around it and it became a beautiful young woman. "Harry," the guard remarked casually, "I'd like you to meet my daughter, Arabela. Since her mother's death she has been my escort and my protector. Not only our sons work here, Harry, our daughters work here, too!"
"I'm very pleased to meet you!" Harry acknowledged.
The woman smiled "You know, the last time we met," the woman remarked, "it took me weeks to recover! You're one powerful wizard, Mr. Potter!"
Harry smiled again. "I'm sorry about that!" he admitted. "I had to protect a friend who was being wrongly attacked." The woman nodded. "As well you should have had!" she answered. The shimmering light surrounded her again, and she became the dementor. Harry had to ask one last question. "your wife was a dementor too?"
The guard only nodded. The dementor lifted him and they soared skyward. In a short time they were back at Hogwarts. They made their way through the school to the Slytherin common room. When they entered Professor Snape's brother clapped his hands. "Everyone except Mr. Malfoy to their dorm rooms!" The other students quickly departed and the professor followed them. As soon as he was out of sight the guard spoke.
"Mr. Malfoy, Mr. Potter has a message for you. I am only here to bear witness that that message is true. I will depart so he may give it to you."
The guard hurried out. Malfoy came over and stood in front of Harry, trembling. "I'm sorry Draco," harry began, "you're father's dead. He called me to him and asked me to look after you. He gave you this message." Harry repeated the message. "I know we haven't been friends," Harry continued, "but whatever you need, any way I can help...."
Malfoy said nothing but stepped forward, put his head on Harry's shoulder, and began to cry. Harry took him in his arms and held him strongly. Professor Snape appeared on the balcony above and watched but did nothing until Malfoy's sobbing died down. Then he disappeared. A few moments later he reappeared with Crabbe and Goyle.
When they reached Harry and Malfoy the professor remarked "Take Mr. Malfoy and help him to bed."
As the others headed off Harry reached in his pocket. "Professor," he remarked "Your brother sent this." He held out the potion.

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