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Chapter 3

They got back to the field and the other team had arrived. To Harry's utter amazement he recognized three of the players, Draco Malfoy and his two cohorts from Hogwarts! "Mr. Potter?" Harry muttered.
Mr Potter smiled. "It is inevitable, Harry," he explained, "that some day we will run into people one place that we know from someplace else. That is a fundamental part of life. Just play the game, Harry, do your best!"
The game went very well. To Harry's surprise Malfoy and his cohorts played very well, but played fairly. Several times Harry fed the ball to Dudley and Dudley scored! They won by one point!
After the game Malfoy came over to Harry. "Not surprised we've come across each other!" He remarked. He looked around to make sure no one could hear. "The Ministry Of Magic has ruled I was bewitched, and not responsible for my actions. I hope when we return to school things can be different, Harry."
"I'm sure they will be," Harry answered.
Harry saw Dudley with Mr. Potter's daughter, and walked over to him. Before Harry could even speak, Mr. Potter did. "We never use people, Harry. That is not our way. We do, however, sometimes put two people together that we know are going to compliment each other, and be good for each other. I would never use one of my own children, Harry!"
"You're a wizard!" Harry put in.
"No, Harry," Mr. Potter answered, "I'm an immortal, Harry, far beyond any wizard. It is us that taught the wizards and witches!"
"Oh!" Harry sighed. "Why are you here,sir?"
"Because an old friend asked me to be, Harry. I think you know who that old friend was. We have fought evil together for a long time."
Harry nodded. "Is your daughter a witch?" he asked.
"Yes, Harry!" Mr. Potter answered.
Harry smiled and chuckled. "Dudley's in for a surprise!" he managed.
"Yes," Mr. Potter agreed, "but he's aware of magic, and I don't think it will be much of a problem. Remember, Harry, your mother is his mother's sister."
"Oh!" Harry chuckled, "Oh!"

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