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"Harry," Mr. Potter remarked, "my daughter, Pamela. Her and Dudey have become quite good friends, I suspect considerably more in the future!"
"Father!" the girl moaned.
"Now, now, my dear!" Mr. Potter teased, touching his daughter's cheek, "You know I always have to speak the truth. I'm cursed!"
The girl smiled. There was a large group of girls and boys by the edge of the fence talking with each other, and they all made for them. Suddenly there was a screeching sound. Harry turned to see a car come crashing through the fence a way off from them and hit one of the light poles that surrounded the field! The pole snapped and began to fall towards the crowd of young athletes.
Suddenly it stopped; everything stopped! Bodies that were scattering froze in mid air. Harry turned back to see everyone around him was motionless. Two shadowy figures were grabbing the young athletes and pulling them out into the field away from where the lights would fall. A voice suddenly spoke to Harry.
"Harry! Get the girl out of the car! Put her in the trash bin! Quickly! We can't freeze time for long!" Instantly Harry was running. When he got to the car he found a little girl perhaps five or six half way over the front seat and heading for the windshield. He reached into the car, grabbed her, pulled her out, carried her over to the trash bin, and put her inside, then looked to the driver. His face had already contacted the windshield. Harry realized there was nothing that could be done and rushed back to the position that he had held. Just as he had reached it everything started moving again. The light pole came crashing down. The lights shattered and flew in all directions. Only one boy cried out as one of the fixtures banged his leg.
When the screaming died down Mr. Potter's driver was on his cell phone calling for an ambulance. "What's that?" Harry asked, and headed for the dumpster. "There's a child in here!" he cried.
Everybody rushed over and they soon had the child out of the dumpster. "What a bit of luck!" Mr. Potter mused. "She landed in the bin that holds the facility's shredded paper for recycling! That probably saved her life! What a miracle the impact threw her clear!"
Harry looked at the bloodstained windshield and remarked "Yes! What a miracle!"
One of the soccer players came up. "James is hurt, Mr Potter! He's not going to be able to play and we've got no replacement!"
"Yes we do!" Mr. Potter answered. "Before he goes to the hospital ask him to lend Harry his shoes. I'm sure they'll fit!"
"But I'm not a soccer player!" Harry objected.
"None of us know what we truly are, Harry," Mr. Potter put in, "until we pick it up. You're the athletic type."
Harry sighed, put on the shoes, and joined the practice. To his astonishment he found he DID pick it up. As the day wore on him and Dudley began to play exceptionally well together. Finally Mr. Potter called an end to practice and said it was time for lunch. They went to a local restaurant and had a good meal. The others were away for a moment and Mr. Potter looked at Harry. "Have you learned anything today, Harry?" he remarked. "We should learn something every day. I always try to. Have you picked up anything?"
Harry stared at him questionably then he realized a thought had been in his mind. "Yes sir!" he finally commented, "That sometimes the best way to deal with any situation is to give people what they really desire. Then they will be what you want them to be. I don't know why, sir, but I've been thinking about that all day!"
Mr. Potter smiled. "Good Harry!" he praised. "You've learned a great truth about muggles that will serve you well."
Harry's eyes widened. "Muggles?" he remarked.
Mr. Potter smiled broadly and lifted his glass. "To muggles, Harry!" he continued, "Bless them, every single one!" Harry smiled and lifted his glass in reply.

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