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Chapter 16

The next morning Harry heard someone speaking to him. He opened his eyes to see the headmistress staring down at him. "I'm sorry to disturb you, Harry," she commented, "but the minister of magic has to see you. He has to speak to you right away!"
"Certainly!" Harry moaned. "I'll be right there."
"He needs to see you too, Hermione!" the headmistress continued. "My goodness! An awful lot of young people are where they shouldn't be this morning, but as nothing improper is being done under the circumstances it will be forgiven. But you'd better hurry to your own place and get dressed!"
"Yes ma'am!" Hermione answered from under the covers.
The headmistress smiled at Harry. "Harry, I was young once, too!"
Harry returned her smile. After Hermione hurried off Harry got dressed. When he got into the hall Ron was waiting and Viktor, and many of the others. "What's going on, Harry?" Ron asked.
"I don't know!" Harry answered. "The minister of magic wants us."
When they got into the diningroom it was not Cornelius Fudge that was waiting for them but Arthur Weasley. "Good morning, Harry!" Mr. Weasley remarked.
"Good morning everyone! I'm sorry to rise you so early, but things have been happening, and I want to speak with you. First of all, a request has been made from the families of the fallen that they be buried here at Hogwarts, both friend and, foe. Some of our finest magical engineers have been working all night preparing a place. You'll have to approve it, Harry, because you were in charge of the situation.
Secondly, the ministry of magic is crippled. Much of our staff is gone. Fortunately few were death eaters but many have found that their relatives were, and simply do not feel that they can carry on their duties. Harry, we desperately need a commissioner for the department for the regulation and control of magical creatures. All the remaining district department heads are asking for you!"
"Me?" Harry gasped. "I'm not even a graduate!"
"That will be taken care of," the minister answered. "Harry, you're deeply respected. People believe in you. You have shown exceptional skill! We have no one, Harry. People need someone they can trust, someone they can believe in, someone they know will give everything he's got. With your consent I need a district leader for India. I was thinking Ron, where he already has intimate connections to that country. His subordinates have already said he will be welcome, and Germany is asking for Viktor."
Harry shook his head. "Viktor is my senior!" he remarked, "I could not ask him to be my subordinate! He is superior to me! This is just unacceptable! It is just completely unacceptable! Take some teacher from the school."
Mr. Weasley shook his head. "Every teacher is going to be needed here. I can't take any of them away," he answered.
"May I speak?" Viktor asked.
"Certainly!" Mr. Weasley answered.
"Harry," Viktor began, "you just spoke a serious untruth. I am not your superior, I could never be your superior! I will spend all my life striving to be your equal, to have half the courage, wisdom and understanding that you have. I will always fight beside you in any battle, but I could never lead you! It would be completely beyond me! I would be honored to take the post that is offered me if I would be answering to you, because I would be told to do the right thing. Accept, Harry! There's not one person here that won't support you!"
Every voice around Harry spoke up and said "Accept, Harry!"
Harry sighed. "On a condition," Harry continued, "that Professor Snape be paroled to his brother, and be allowed to work here at the school."
The commissioner didn't even look startled. "I think that is a proposal," he answered, "that could be put forth at the next session of the prison's board. As your position automatically makes you a member of that board you would be able to put forth that proposal yourself. I'm quite sure it would be accepted."
Harry nodded. "I think you've got yourself a commissioner!" he agreed. "I won't have the foggiest idea what I'm doing, but you've got yourself a commissioner!"
Everybody around Harry applauded. "Now!" Harry continued, "Let me go check that memorial. Then can we please have some breakfast? I'm hungry!"
"Most certainly!" the commissioner agreed, "Most certainly!"
When Harry got out to the site there were ooohs and aahs from everyone following him. A great black stone had been erected. Beneath it the two tombs were ready. Above the tombs stepping out o the black stone, was Neville and Diane in white marble, their wands raised and ready. One of the workers came up. "is it suitable, commissioner?" he asked.
"My gracious compliments!" Harry answered, "What about the death eaters?"
"Behind the monument," the man answered, "simple gray crypts, no markers. Just simple places to lie in peace."
Harry came back around to the front. "Above them," he remarked, "I want their names and under that the words 'True And Faithful Friends'."
"Yes!" the engineer assured "Yes! Perfect! We were going to put along the bottom 'Remembered By Hogwarts Forever.'"

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