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"I'll stand with you," Hermione put in.
"We're next!" the twins remarked.
When they got to the bodies Harry could not help but shed a tear even though he could see the spirits of his friends standing nearby talking to the ghosts, telling them they weren't going to hang around Hogwarts but follow Harry and Hermione around keeping them out of trouble.
"Good idea!" the ghosts were saying "It's nice to have roots though. Whenever you need to rest there's plenty of room at Hogwarts."
Harry finished his watch, and then got to bed. He was not surprised when Hermione tip toed in in her pajamas and without a word slipped under the covers with him. They just snuggled up to each other and went to sleep. They just needed each other's company right now. Harry wondered what the next day was going to bring. Voldemort was gone but he had done a lot of damage. There were still death eaters out there. Things would never quite be the same again. They had won, but the cost had been high. It would take the magical community a long time to recover.

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