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Chapter 2

Harry stared at the driver wide eyed and got in the car. The man inside grinned at him happily. The woman beside him, though she was probably in her fifties took Harry's breath away. He could never remember seeing a woman so attractive!
"Well!" the man remarked, "This must be Harry! I've heard so much about you, young man! I'm very glad to meet you!" He extended his hand and Harry took it. It was a very strong handshake. But Harry noticed the man wore gloves, and he wondered at this.
"Are you sure," Dudley asked, "you two aren't related, Mr. Potter?" The older man shook his head as the limo pulled away.
"Yes," he answered, "I did some checking...maybe many centuries back but nothing recent. Now did the tutor help with those grades?"
"Yes," Dudley answered. "My mother sends her thanks again!"
"None needed!" the man assured. "Our greatest joy is helping people. After all, when you have as much money as we do, more than you could ever spend in one hundred lifetimes, the greatest joy you can have with it is making other people happy."
Harry knew he was going to like this man. He could tell he wasn't saying these things just to impress people. "How did you make your money?" Harry asked. "Did you inherit it?"
Dudley laughed. "Really, Harry!" he put in, "You haven't heard of James Potter, the famous author..."The Ghosts Of McGreggin's Castle," "What's That In The Pot?", every ghost story that's been written in the last twenty years is his, not to mention his nonfiction works "They Walk Among Us," "The Spirits In Our Souls," and "Who Have We Been Before"?"
"Oh!" Harry muttered, "You're THAT Mr. Potter! Yes sir. Unfortunately my school work has kept me so busy I haven't had time to read much modern literature. But I do want to read your works when I have an opportunity."
"Quite understandable!" Mr Potter answered. "Quite understandable! School work always comes first, young man, always! I always impress on young people the importance of an education. All cannot be as lucky as I am, and meet a woman who helps him overcome his handicaps and accomplish great things."
Harry looked surprised. "You have a handicap, sir?" he asked.
The author smiled. "Yes, Harry," he answered. "I suffer from a condition called dyslexsia. I can barely write my own name. We produced every single one of my books by having me dictate them to my wife. She then wrote them down and typed them up. Now I have secretaries to do that."
"Incredible!" Harry muttered. "Aren't you also the leader of some church?"
"Yes Harry!" Mr. Potter answered. "I'm the leader of The United Spiritualist Churches. We have many chapters and temples throughout England. We're not very popular with the liberal say anything, do anything churches."
"That I've heard!" Harry agreed. "Your stand against liberalism has hurt a lot of peoples' feelings."
"You can't worry about feelings, Harry," Mr. Potter continued, "you can only worry what's right and wrong and speak the truth when truth needs to be spoken. It doesn't matter what names people call you, as long as you do what's right."
"Yes sir!" Harry answered. This man reminded him of Dumbledor. That thought brought a pain, but Harry quickly surpressed it. "May I ask something?" Harry put in.
"Certainly!" Mr. Potter answered.
"Your driver, he looks like the American boxer Tybus, Samuel Tybus."
Mr. Potter laughed. "Well, that might be because that's who he is!"
"But I thought he was a millionaire," Harry continued.
"He is!" Mr. Potter answered, "Not quite as rich as me, but very well to do. And now that we have been helping him with his finances he's getting even richer! But his greatest joy Harry, is being my wife's executive assistant, and his wife is my assistant. Sometimes, Harry, people with a lot of money have a hard time figuring out how to properly spend it, and to find things to do with their time. This dear man has found that the most joyful way of spending his time is helping us do good, that nothing fulfills him more. So I am very grateful for his service."
Harry smiled back, and looked to the driver, who winked at him in the mirror.
"Aren't they just a wonderful bunch of people?" Dudley remarked.
Harry could not help but reply "Yes, they are!"
Everybody laughed. They pulled in beside a building that had very large sports fields around it. "Well, here we are!" Mr. Potter announced. "If you go join the young ladies," Mr. Potter told his wife, "I'll get these young men up and running."
"Oh, I'm just here to observe," Harry put in.
"I see one of the young ladies," Mr. Potter's wife remarked, "is waiting for us."
Mr. Potter looked up and smiled. "Yes, indeed!" he remarked. As they emerged from the car a very attractive girl walked up.
"Hello, Dudley!" she cooed.
"Hi Pam!" Dudley sighed in return.

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