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Chapter 13

A couple of days later Harry had a thought and after classes headed off to Hagrid's by himself. He rapped on the door and Gretel opened it.
"Oh, hi Harry!" she cooed. "What can I do for you, dear?"
"I had a question for Hagrid," Harry answered.
"Well, he'll be along in a little while," Gretel assured. "You come right in, have a seat, and I'll get you some tea." Harry sat down. He saw movement and at first couldn't see what it was. But after a few moments he could see someone standing by the bedroom door, and realized it was Cedric Diggery who put his finger to his lips, so Harry said nothing. A few moments later the door opened and Hagrid came in.
"Ah!" he said, "Harry! What can I do for you today?"
"I was wondering, Hagrid," Harry explained, "if the magical creatures of the dark forest would be able to help us if the death eaters attacked."
Hagrid smiled. "Well, let me put it this way, Harry, if any of them are so stupid as to venture too close to the dark forest they're going to find themselves in the middle of a hornet's nest, if you understand my meaning! And if they fly over it coming in they'd better fly high!"
"Remember," Harry cautioned, "we want prisoners. We want to get as much information as we can."
"Don't you worry, Harry!" Hagrid assured, "Any that they capture will be brought right here beside my cottage so they can be dealt with along with any others taken on this side of the school."
"Good!" Harry praised, "I'd better get back. Lot going on!"
"That there is!" Hagrid agreed. Harry made his good byes and went outside. He stepped into the shadow of the trees and Cedric appeared. "You can see me, Harry!" he remarked.
"Yes!" Harry answered "What's going on? What are you doing here?"
Cedric smiled. "Harry," he teased, "surely you know what it means when a spirit is hanging around a pregnant woman!"
Harry's eyes widened. Of course he'd heard the stories. Souls that were going to be reborn hanging around their mother waiting for their new body to be ready! "You're going to be Hagrid's son?" Harry gasped.
"Let's keep this to ourselves, Harry," his friend continued. "It may make things difficult for father. I mean, my old father, if he finds out. I think Hagrid and I will get along just fine, but he doesn't need interference and I'm afraid my old father would be wanting to get involved too much."
"I understand," Harry assured, "I'll keep it to myself!"
Harry was headed for his dorm when he saw Professor Potter and hurried to catch up with him. "Professor!" he called.
Professor Potter stopped and looked back. "There's not much advice I can give you, Harry," he began before Harry could even say anything. "You developed the ability to see spirits when you called your parents to battle Voldemort. Once you turned it on it can't be turned off. It's not really that bad Harry. You'll just be aware of a few more things in this world than other people are aware of. You'll get used to it! In time it will be second nature. By the way, your father's very proud of you! He says you've got the Potter spirit!"
Harry smiled. "I've had a question, professor," he continued, "why do you want me to be a soccer player?"
The professor smiled again. "Perfect cover, Harry! A famous soccer player, an up and coming minister in a popular religion, free to travel just about anywhere and whose visits would be sought by many...couldn't be better, Harry! You use every opportunity, Harry, that's beneficial to you. You never should let an opportunity pass, and also, never miss an opportunity to do a kindness, even if sometimes the people don't really want it. Sometimes it's just best to do the right thing."
Harry smiled. "You're so much like Dumbledor!" he remarked.
Professor Potter smiled. "I'll consider that a gracious compliment Harry!"
Harry continued on. There was a steady stream of dementors picking up potions and flying them back to the prison. Harry saw one on the balcony above him, and saw Lucius Malfoy standing beside her. He looked behind him and saw Draco coming. As soon as the dementor realized Harry was watching her, she quickly turned away. Draco came up and noticed Harry's stare.
"I'm getting so I can tell them apart!" Draco remarked. "That one always seems to be watching me whenever it's here. It's making me nervous!"
Harry smiled. "Nothing to worry about!" he remarked. He looked back down the hall but Professor Potter had already disappeared. Harry decided to come back later. When he did so, a different dementor was waiting for potions. "Can you answer a question for me?" Harry asked.
"We are instructed," the dementor answered, in a voice that made your skin crawl, "to cooperate with you in any way."
"Do you ever mate outside the circle," Harry asked, "with magic folk?"

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