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Harry looked around at the young people in the room, then back to the teachers. He asked "How many will it take to remove the mark?"
"Three exceptionally strong wizards of the opposite gender," Professor Potter answered.
Harry looked at the headmistress. "I think you should form four teams to do this," Harry remarked. "I don't think any of us would be powerful enough. It must be teachers!"
The headmistress nodded. "It will be done!" she answered. "We'll be ready!"
"Well," Professor Potter remarked, "I think that's enough for now."
"No!" Harry insisted, "There's one other thing we have to deal with. Professor Snape, are there potions that would be able to help us during the battle that could hep the wounded recover quicker?"
The professor looked startled but after a moment answered "Yes! But they would have to be prepared shortly before they're used. I could not possibly handle them! And I could not take students. They would be needed elsewhere."
"Would your brother be able to help?" Harry asked.
"Yes," Professor Snape answered. "Together we could do it!"
Harry turned back to the headmistress. "Would you send a message to Azkaban," Harry requested, "asking them to parole Professor Snape to our care? I understand the prison does not have enough potion makers. He can continue to work here with students to assist him!"
The headmistress nodded. "I'll send an owl immediately!" she agreed. "He'll probably be here by morning."
"Good!" Harry sighed. "We've got a beginning. Now we have to put it all together and make it work. If the death eaters come here they're going to wish they hadn't!"
"If the death eaters come here," Hermione remarked, "they're going to be the ones that die!"
Harry looked at her with a sad expression, but remarked, "Let's all go to bed!"
"Good idea!" Professor Potter agreed. "Prefects, take your students back to their dorms. Let's get some sleep!"

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