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"Yes!" Hermione managed. "I understand!"
As Hermione came to Harry and began the spell with him the professor called another girl, performed the spell with her, and sent her to another boy. When the professor called Parvati Patil he took her hands, began the ceremony, and then stopped. "Hmmm!" he muttered. He called her sister Padma Parvil, had them join hands, then took their free hands, nodded and then began the spell again! When he was done he told them to go give what he had just given them to Ron.
"Both of us?" one of them asked. The professor nodded.
"Miss Maxtime?" he called. The lovely blonde looked at Draco, sat down before the professor, he took her hands, then let go, looked towards the boys, then took her hands again. After he completed the spell he remarked "Miss Maxtime, would you give what I just gave you to Mr. Longbottom?"
The blonde looked startled, looked to Draco, who without hesitation, nodded. His friend quickly rose, went to Longbottom, and began the incantation.
The professor looked to the girls, then to a group of younger students that were standing nearby, observing the goings on. Ginny Weasley was among them. He pointed to her and said "Would you come here, Miss Weasley?" Without hesitation Ginny came and took the spell.
When the professor was done he said "Would you be so kind as to go and give Mr. Malfoy what I just gave to you?" Without the slightest hesitation Ginny rose and went to Malfoy, extending her hands. Malfoy looked totally terrified. He looked to Harry and Harry nodded. Malfoy sighed, smiled, and took Ginny's hands. Everyone around looked totally shocked. The professor continued until each couple in the school had been matched except for the first year students.
"Thank you ladies and gentlemen!" he remarked "That will be all for today!" As he rose Parvati Patil came over to him and whispered in his ear. The professor smiled at her and whispered in her ear. She snapped back away from him as if he had slapped her, stared at Ron and her sister, then returned his smile and headed off to join them.
That evening at supper Harry noticed the pairs were all sitting together and everybody seemed to be having a delightful time! He noticed he felt happier than he had for a long time!
The days passed and before anyone knew it, it was Halloween! As a special treat Ron's brothers brought in some dragons and put on an aerial display. Dragons weren't Harry's favorite things, but he would admit he enjoyed the show. As everyone gathered afterwards Harry saw Ron's parents cutting off Malfoy and Ginny and ushering them into the corridor. He thought he'd better follow just to know what was going on. No one seemed to notice at all when he entered, it just seemed perfectly natural that he should be there!


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