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Chapter 10

The quidditch game was a gruelling one. Slytherin was playing very well, and as the afternoon wore on, the score was 140 to 35 in Slytherin's favor. Both teams were two players short because of strikes from bludgers. If Slytherin got a few more points even if Harry caught the snitch it wouldn't be enough for them to win. Malfoy had accidentally knocked Harry off his broom once. He had managed to recover, make a hard landing, and get back into the air. Malfoy had taken a bump on one of the viewing stands, but was still in the game. But for several minutes while the others played around them neither one of them could locate the snitch. Then Harry spotted it coming right behind a bludger. He took up pursuit but the bludger turned on him, and nearly took him in the face! And Malfoy was gaining on the snitch. Harry went around one of the viewing stands and came up underneath Malfoy. The snitch doubled back. Harry got a grip on it, tried to maintain control, but ended up going into the viewing stand, ending up under a pile of Hufflepuff viewers! But when they finally pulled him to his feet he held up the snitch!
The whistle was blown and the game was over. When he got to his family Dudley remarked "And I thought soccer could get rough!"
Harry smiled, got cleaned up and took the family on the tour before he took them back to the train.
"We must do this again, Harry!" his uncle complimented. "I used to say some very bad things about this place. I suppose it was jealousy. But it is a quite pleasant school!"
"Right now a school with problems," Harry remarked. "Somehow," his uncle assured, "I don't think it will be any problems that you and your friends can't handle." Harry returned his smile and headed back for Hogwarts. As he was nearing the dock to catch a boat a beautiful woman approached. Harry wasn't paying much attention to her so he didn't see her withdraw a wand from beneath her cloak. Suddenly someone else cried an incantation, a bolt of energy hit the woman knocking the wand from her hand and sending her spinning into the water!
It only took moments to realize she couldn't swim! Harry whisked out his wand and levitated her back to the dock, where she gasped for air. Cornelius Fudge appeared with another wizard Harry didn't know.
"Get her out of here!" Fudge snapped. The other man snatched up the woman as Fudge levitated her wand out of the water and quickly stored it away with his own. "What was THAT about?" Harry asked.
"Someone we've been looking for," the minster of magic answered. "I'm glad we found her when we did! Don't worry about it, Harry, we'll take care of it!"
Harry looked at him and sighed. "She was going to kill me, wasn't she?"
The minister bowed his head. "These are bad times, Harry. Voldemort can find people's greatest weaknesses, make them believe his power is the greatest, and if they don't join him they'll be destroyed. Every one of his followers we capture, two more seem to take their place. They're preying on muggles all over the world. We're doing our best to combat them. But we're being run ragged, Harry. If you'd excuse me I have to deal with things."
"Thank you!" Harry complimented. He got a boat and returned to Hogwarts. Hagrid was waiting at the dock.
"I'll walk you to the gate!" he piped with his biggest smile. Harry got to bed. The next day their lessons seemed to be a little subdued. They were going to their defense class when they saw Madame Hooch being assisted to the hospital by Gretel! A student ran up, panting. "She was attacked!" he explained, "By a hawk! Several owls appeared and drove it off! They think it may have been some kind of scout. They're warning people not to fly alone, to always have a companion."
Everybody looked at each other in stunned disbelief. When they got to the practice grounds they found the professor sitting in a chair with another chair before him. "Boys over here," the professor remarked, "girls here! We're going to have a little ceremony, nothing too serious. Just something to increase your power. Miss Granger, would you come here, please, and sit down?"
Hermione looked petrified but she went over and sat down before the professor. He took her hands. "Our Fathers, who art in Spirit," the professor began, "holy be Thy names. Thy wisdom come, thy glory done on Earth as it is in Spirit. Oh, Blessed Mothers, Divine Light of love and truth, help me, oh Blessed Ones, to give unto this one what has been given unto me.
We are one. We are one body, we are one mind, we are one soul. We are one body, we are one mind, we are one soul. We are one body, we are one mind, we are one soul. We are one. We are one body, we are one mind we are one soul. We are one. We are one body, we are one mind, we are one soul.
I give unto you all that I am, all that I have ever been, all that I will ever be. We are one. We are one body, we are one mind, we are one soul.
We now separate one from the other, but we will never be separate because now part of you dwells within me, and part of me now dwells within you. We are one forever! So must it be!"
The professor let go of Hermione's hands and she stared at him, wide eyed. "Hermione," the professor continued, "can you remember the spell that was just performed?"
"Yes sir!" Hermione managed.
"Will you kindly go to Mr. Potter and give him what I just gave to you?"

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