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"Professor," Harry remarked.
"What, Harry?" the professor inquired.
"I'm glad you're one of the good guys, professor! I think everybody is!"
Everybody laughed. "Go!" the professor remarked. All the student hurried off except Harry and Hermione and Ron, who headed for Hagrids.
The days passed quickly and Harry as well as the others realized their powers were growing, as were those of every other student in the school. The Professor had the different years practice against each other.
One afternoon Harry overheard Professor Potter speaking to Lupin. "I think it's just about time," Professor Potter was saying.
"It's a big step," Lupin answered.
"I know," Potter agreed, "but they have to be ready and it's a step we have to take."
Harry was glad he had a distraction that weekend. It was time for their first Quidditch match, and his parents were coming, and, his cousin along with some of the other students' families. His family had been so against Hogwarts for so long he didn't quite know how to feel with their sudden acceptance. When he greeted them at the train station and loaded them onto one of the horseless carriages and they approached Hogwarts they were all wide eyed!
"Good Lord, Harry!" his uncle gasped, "No wonder you love this place! I do hope we can have a bit of a look around!"
"I'd be delighted!" Harry assured. "We'll have time after the match." He showed them to their room and then headed to his dorm, but he found himself taking a detour. There was someone he had to visit, someone he just had to speak to!

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