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"The Potters returning," Harry answered. Somehow they shield themselves so others can't see them. I've seen that before."
They returned to the dorm and got ready for supper. After Professor McGonagall made the daily announcements she asked if there was anything anyone wished to announce. Harry and Hermione rose.
"Hagrid and Madame Maxime asked us today to perform a special duty for them. It seems some time around Christmas they will be having a child and they asked us to be its god parents. We will be more than honored to be! But I am sure every student of this school will want to be that child's god sister and god brother! We hope everyone is as joyous about this news as we are!"
When Harry finished speaking everyone was looking at each other in stunned amazement.
Then Ron rose and began to clap and cheer. Instantly everyone else was on their feet. The applause continued for some time until the headmistress tapped her glass and motioned everyone to sit. Then she motioned Hagrid and his lady to stand.
"Thank you!" Hagrid managed as they bowed, "Thank all of you!"
He sat back down and the headmistress cried, "Let the banquet begin!"
Somehow everything seemed a little tastier, just a little bit more delightful. It was a feeling everybody enjoyed!

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