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Harry Potter And The Immortals
By; Gerald A. Polley

Chapter 1

There was a rap on Harry Potter's door and he heard his cousin Dudley's voice. "Hey come on, sleepy head!" his cousin was saying, "Time to get up! Can I come in?"
"Sure!" Harry cried out.
Something very odd was going on and Harry wanted to know what it was. His uncle and aunt had picked him up at the train station, something they had never done before, and his aunt had written to him mid season at Hogwarts, saying she was sorry she had neglected him for so long and really would appreciate knowing what was going on at school! When Professor Dumbledor had been murdered her letters had actually been an anchor that had held Harry to reality. But he still desired to know what had brought on this change. His cousin entered and sat down on the bed. "Have anything planned today, Harry?" he asked.
"No!" Harry answered. "Why?"
"Well, I've joined a soccer league," his cousin answered. "We've got practice this morning and a game this afternoon. I was wondering if you'd like to come along."
"I think I would enjoy that," Harry answered, "but what got you interested in soccer, Dudley?"
"Oh!" Dudley explained, "Dad's new business partner, Mr. Potter. He says I have a great talent and should not ignore it, that I need to lose some weight and get more active and soccer would be the best thing. And you know, when I got playing I found I liked it! I've actually made friends! Do you have sports at your school? Do you play soccer?"
"No," Harry answered, "we play a game flying on our brooms called Quidditch. It's really rough, but it's enjoyable, too. I play a position called seeker."
"Wow!" Dudley gasped, "That must be something! I'll sure like to see you play sometime."
"Well, the games are always on the weekend," Harry offered, "and muggle family members often come to watch the students play. I could arrange it."
"Great!" Dudley cried, "We'd better get downstairs. Breakfast is just about ready. Ever since mom got so involved with the orphans she doesn't have time to cook so we hired somebody. He's a strange little man, but he sure can cook! I don't know how he manages to do all the other stuff in the house, but he's a marvel!"
"Will be glad to meet him!" Harry commented, still bewildered by everything. They went downstairs and entered the kitchen. There at the stove in a neat little cook's outfit was a house elf!
"Dobby?" Harry remarked.
"Oh! I don't use the name Dobby any more," the elf answered, "to everyone around here I'm Mr. Dobbs! Hello, Mr. Potter!"
"Well!" Harry's cousin giggled, "I'm not surprised you two have met. But please, Mr. Dobbs, we have asked you to call us by our personal names. This is Harry, not Mr. Potter!"
The elf smiled and nodded. "Of course, Dudley!" he answered. "Breakfast is coming right up, Harry! I believe Petunia wanted to speak to you."
Harry went into the dining area. His aunt was just finishing her breakfast. "Ah! Harry!" she piped. "I was wondering, would you be too upset coming to the orphanage and giving the orphans a little pep talk to tell them that though life has its difficulties, it's worth living, and things work out? You do not know what it would mean to some of these children to have someone that has been through what they've been through to talk with them!"
"Well," Harry gasped, "certainly, Aunt Petunia. I'd be delighted!"
"Good! Good!" his aunt said. She got up and kissed Dudley on the cheek. "Don't worry dear," she promised, "I'll make it to the game. My secretary has promised to handcuff me and drag me to the car and bring me to the the game if she has to!"
"Good mum!" Dudley answered. Harry's aunt hesitated a moment then leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. "There's something I want to say, Harry," she began, "but I don't know quite how."
Harry put his finger on her lips. "It's all right," he answered, "I know what you want to say. It's o.k.!" His aunt smiled. "You're a wonderful person Harry!" she praised. "I wish there were more people in the world like you!"
"I'll second that!" came his uncle's voice. "Come on, boys, let's eat! I've got to get going and Mr. Potter will be here in a while to pick you up."
They all got down to their breakfast. "Don't you drive Aunt Petunia?" Harry asked.
"Oh no!" his uncle answered, "A driver from the orphanage picks her up and takes her everywhere she needs to go." Harry nodded. They finished their breakfast and went outside. His uncle got in his car and drove off. A few minutes later a limo pulled up. The driver got out and opened the door.

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