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Chapter 3

Kirk got off shift, got supper, then headed back to his quarters. As he approached his door there was a beautiful young woman standing by it in a gown that would take any man's breath away. "Can I help you?" Kirk asked. The young woman looked coy and answered "I certainly hope so! It is rare my consort lets me split off some of myself and spend some time with another male. But I find those times he does rather enjoyable. It's rather awkward standing out here, captain. Can't we go inside."
"Captain Jehovah?" Kirk asked.
The young woman only smiled then finally answered "A part of her. That's the nice thing about being a God. You can be several places at once. And when you combine yourself back together you bring back the most pleasant memories."
Kirk smiled and shook his head, opened his door, and they went inside. They did not emerge until a very short time before Kirk was supposed to go on duty again. When he finally took the bridge the other officers looked amused, except for Chekov. "Something the matter, Pavel?" Kirk asked knowing the navigator hated people using his first name.
"Not really, captain," the navigator answered. "It's just, well, I had a guest last night. She said she was only half of the individual that was on board. But what a half!"
Kirk smiled. "I know precisely what you're talking about, Chekov!" he assured, "Precisely!"
"Captain!" Sulu put in. "I'm picking something up, an energy field, quite intense."
Commander Jehovah looked up from Spock's station. "I think we'd better move away a little bit!" he warned. "We're coming back. I don't think it would be a good idea for our shields to touch each other."
Without instructions Checkov quickly altered their course. "Main screen!" Kirk ordered.
They could see the strange shimmering wave behind them. Suddenly another ship appeared out of it. It was the basic shape of the Enterprise, but looked a little different. Everybody looked at each other but nobody said anything.
"We should be making our run," Spock announced, "in about 20 minutes. Here is the course and speed, Mr. Chekov. Please be precise! There can only be a one degree variance."
"Understood!" Chekov snapped, and went to work.
Kirk got in his chair. He had no idea what to expect. They headed for the sun and looped around it. Then he felt like all kinds of things were occurring at once! He wasn't sure what was past, present and future. Then it passed.
"Now!" Jehovah sighed, "Let's see if we can pick up a Federation subspace beacon, which will be giving the star date. Ah! There we are, and right on time! In a few minutes Spock's space shuttle will appear, heading for Romulus. We'll pick him up, time loop again, and take him several days into the past. He'll meet the nova wave well beyond Romulus, neutralize it, and Romulus will still exist. Then he will protect the rest of The Federation's planets on other inhabited worlds, and all will return to normal."
The turbo lift doors opened and Captain Jehovah quickly entered the bridge. "Problem!" she sighed.
She looked at the Commodore and he went "Oh! That was very foolish of them!"
"Captain! We're going to have visitors again. There's three ships quickly approaching. Mr. Spock, any sign of Romulan vessels in the area?"
Spock went to his instruments. "No," he answered. "But strange that there would not be any this close to Romulus."
"Put me on their high command frequency," Jehovah ordered.
Uhura quickly did so. "Sir!" Sulu cried, "Three vessels approaching. One is the vessel that we encountered before. I've never seen anything like the other two. They simply seem to be cubes."
"Any Romulan vessels in the vacinity!" Commandah Jehovah began. "This is Commander Jehovah. I have authorization from Romulan command to operate in this sector. Go into special operations files, find K-J469. Open subfile PKM667. There are three vessels approaching us. One will break away while the two cube shaped vessels attack us. You must drive them off! The other ship intends to capture Ambassador Spock and keep him from saving Romulus. We must intercept them and keep them from doing so. They are Klingons. Acknowledge my signal!"
"This is the war bird Ractar," a voice answered, "Commander Maximus. Instructions understood. Two other war birds will be here in a few minutes, pursue other vessel."
"Make sure," Commodore Jehovah continued, "that the cube vessels are totally destroyed. Gather any fragments and dump them into the nearest sun. They must not retreat to tell their comrades what they have found."
"Understood!" the Romulan commander answered.
"Oh!" Jehovah warned, "Use photon torpedoes that alternate their frequencies to penetrate their shields. Single faze torpedoes will be stopped. Once their shields are down your disrupters on full effect will be quite sufficient. "
"The lead ship is pulling away!" Sulu warned.
"Take up pursuit!" Jehovah ordered. "Ignore the other vessels."
Chekov did so and they quickly began to gain. The cubes grew closer when suddenly a Romulan war bird like nothing the Federation people had ever seen materialized just ahead of them. A storm of photon torpedoes and laser fire erupted from it! The cubes following them took hit after hit, and finally separated. But the war bird continued to pour fire into them.

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