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Chapter 2

Kirk went to his exercise session. When he got done he decided to take a few laps in the pool. When he came in the new nurse was there with Uhura and another woman he didn't recognize. "Ah! Our most gracious captain!" the woman remarked, coming over. The swimsuit she was wearing did nothing to hide her femininity but accentuated it. "My husband," she continued, "forgets the niceties sometimes. I must tell you how I appreciate everything you are doing. If it becomes necessary for my husband to leave the ship I will come to the bridge and be a link between you and him. We hope that will not become necessary. But The Romulans are quite aggressive, and it may come to a direct fight. We will want it to take place as deep in space as possible."
"You are the commodore's wife?" Kirk managed.
"Yes," the woman answered. "I know it's a surprise to some that he has one. But I've been around just as long as he has, and am just about as powerful."
"I am most joyous to meet you!" Kirk again managed. "If there's anything that you require to make your stay more pleasant do let me know.
The woman smiled. "Don't tempt me!" she sighed. "I'd better get back to the others."
Kirk watched her depart then quickly got in the pool, got in his laps, dressed, and decided to check the bridge. He liked to give the third shift some time once and a while, so they knew they were appreciated. As he entered Lt. Howards rose. Kirk motioned him back down and looked around the bridge. There was a man in a strange costume standing by the navigation station. "The Axe Man?" Kirk muttered.
He saw a very attractive woman by the communications station. He was about to say something when the man by navigation suddenly stood up.
"Damn!" he snapped, "My lord, a ship has just come into my detection range. I feel a presence it is pursuing. It altered course just as I detected it to slightly move out of my detection range.
"I'm going with the transporter room," came Jehovah's voice. "My wife is coming to the bridge. As soon as she arrives join me and North. Have your lady stand by there, but if she is needed I want her to proceed to the transporter room immediately!"
"Understood!" the man answered. "Helm!" he snapped, "Bring us two degrees to port. Cut our thrust by 50% then make a half turn and come to a dead stop. When I tell you to, give us full speed again."
"Understood sir!" the helmsman answered. "We should be on them before they even realize what we've done."
The man nodded. Commodore Jehovah's wife entered the bridge. "Gretle!" the man snapped, "Stand by! As soon as we know how many will challenge, if it's more than we can handle, come to the transporter room."
"Yes, Elgard!" the woman snapped.
The man hurried to the turbo lift. Kirk noticed that the commodore's wife was dressed as a captain.
"Are your shields at maximum?" she asked.
Kirk looked to a nearby officer who answered "Yes, ma'am! We cut back for a while to give the generators a rest, but the moment I heard we were being pursued I brought them to full power."
"Very good!" the woman remarked. "Well trained crew, Captain Kirk!"
Kirk nodded. "Should I call you Captain Jehovah?" he asked.
The woman smiled. "That would be appropriate!" she agreed. "You really should've married Sarah. She wouldn't have minded the periods of separation. And they would've been some beautiful children."
"Ma'am?" Kirk asked.
"Oh, nothing!" the woman answered. "Just...Oh! They're leaving the ship. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven eight! Gretle!"
"Going ma'am!" the woman answered, heading for the turbo lift. "Now, where was I?" the woman muttered.
"It wasn't important," Kirk put in.
The woman smiled at him. "Oh, this is going to be a slug fest! They're not all Romulan. I wonder who the others are? Well, we're well away from any suns. So there'll be nothing to interfere with our power. Five to eight they'll handle them pretty quickly."
"Captain!" the weapons officer put in, "I'm picking up eight high energy sources. Probably small vessels coming towards us at warp speed."
"Full speed!" Captain Jehovah ordered. "Get us close to them then when you hear that the commodore and his companions have transported out turn us around and get us in the opposite direction as fast as you can. Stay just within sensor range. I doubt the ship will try to attack you. But if it does just use your phenomenal skill. I'll be monitoring the battle."
"Understood!" Kirk replied. "Those orders understood?"
"Yes!" helm and navigation answered.
The turbo lift doors opened and the first line entered. Kirk raised his hand. "Everybody except help and navigation take your positions! Third line to your stand by positions. As soon as navigation and helm have completed the present maneuver first line will take over. I want nothing to disturb us at this moment."
"Yes sir!" everyone snapped.
"They're going out!" Captain Jehovah announced.

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