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"Ma'am," Kirk remarked, "wouldn't you be more comfortable a little bit lighter dressed? I do not think there is a need for that heavy apparel on the bridge." The woman looked to the winged being. "Perhaps he is right!" the winged being remarked. "Your undergarments should be sufficient here. But keep your armor handy so you can quickly don it if you need it."
He looked hesitant a moment, then went over and whispered in the woman's ear. She smiled. "Of course!" she remarked. She went over and whispered in Uhura's ear. Uhura grinned and said "Certainly, ma'am! I'll fetch one immediately." She quickly hurried off. KIrk gave the bridge over to Spock and headed for his quarters. Why did this all seem so natural? Why did it all seem so utterly normal? It shouldn't. But it was like this was every day. He shook his head, got a shower, and went to bed. He wanted to make sure he got as much rest as he could. He had a feeling he was going to need it.
When he got up he went for breakfast. Uhura came in. Kirk went over, leaned down and whispered in her ear "What did the woman have you fetch?"
Uhura smiled. "A bra!" she answered. "It's a good thing, too, or the men on the bridge wouldn't have gotten anything done!"
"Oh!" Kirk muttered, "Oh!"

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