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"What's your name?" Kirk asked.
"Chapel," the woman answered, "Christine Chapel."
"This is Captain Kirk of The Enterprise," Kirk continued, "we have an emergency situation. We have to depart immediately. We're short a nurse. Would you volunteer? It's an absolute emergency. We have to go now! There'd be no time for you to pick up anything, but you're very badly needed."
"Can somebody contact the hospital," the woman asked, "and tell them where I went?"
"Of course!" Kirk answered.
"Then, I guess it's all right!" the nurse replied.
"Beam them up!" Kirk ordered.
"Wait a minute!" the doctor cried, but the transport sequence had already begun. A moment later he and the nurse and three containers of medical supplies appeared on the transport pad. The doctor was breathing heavily. "Hate that!" he muttered.
The nurse grinned. "Transport phobia?" she muttered looking to Kirk.
Kirk nodded and snapped to the transporter technician "Get somebody down here to escort the nurse to her quarters. Then get her to supply and have her issued uniforms. Then the doctor can brief her on her duties. I'll be on the bridge!"
As they headed for the turbo lifts Jehovah remarked "Oh! The Klingon God likes this time line. He's getting a ship too. He'll try to stop us. If things get difficult I may leave the ship. Stay in the vicinity. Deal with the other ship and keep your shields at maximum!"
"Yes sir!" Kirk snapped.
As he entered the bridge Spock approached curiously. "This is Commodore Jehovah," Kirk snapped. "He's in charge of this mission. He is to be obeyed without question. If I'm not on the bridge follow his instructions immediately!"
"Yes, captain!" Spock replied.
"Magnificent!" Jehovah remarked. "What superbly trained minds! But the price paid is too much, too much."
Spock again looked curious. "Helmsman!" Jehovah snapped, "Set a course for The Kada Kanome Cluster. Go to maximum warp as soon as possible! It should take us eight days to reach the vicinity of the Cluster, should it not?"
"Yes sir!" Chekov answered. "Course laid in sir!" He looked to Sulu who snapped "We're underway! Maximum warp in four hours." "Excellent!" the commodore praised. Uhura spoke up. "Captain Kirk, transporters report five individuals beamed on board just before we got underway, three females and two males." "Oh!" the commodore put in, "Those are mine. Please have them escorted to my quarters. Can I speak to them?" "Certainly!" Uhura answered. "They can hear you now, sir." "Northern Star, I will want to set up a rotation on the bridge. When I am not here either you or The Axe Man should be. I want 24 hour coverage through their sensor equipment. Is that understood?" "Understood!" a deep voice answered. "I will relieve you with the next shift change. May I have consent for Durga to familiarize herself with the weapons systems?" The commodore looked to Kirk who snapped "Mr. Chekov! At the end of your next duty cycle would you mind spending an hour or so familiarizing this officer with the weapons systems?" "Not at all, Captain!" the Russian answered. "My pleasure, sir!" "Excellent!" Jehovah remarked. "Oh, one thing. Commander North is an excellent officer but he can be bad tempered. Obey him without question, as if it was me." "Understood!" Kirk replied. "Mr. Spock!" the commodore remarked. "If we have a few moments could we discuss Surak's principles of discipline? I have always wanted to discuss them with a Vulcan to get their full subtleties." Spock looked to Kirk who nodded. "I think my duties would permit me to take part in such a discussion while I am monitoring my station. " The crew settled in to normal routine. The end of shift came. The turbo lift opened and the officers of the next shift emerged. A few moments later it opened again, and a six foot tall winged being emerged followed by one of the most gorgeous women Kirk had ever seen. Her beauty seemed to radiate. "Ah! North!" the commodore snapped. "When you have time you really must compare The Teachings Of The Old Fox to those of Surak. There are great similarities." "I have often thought that would be the case!" the winged being answered. "I take my station, my Lord! Do go and rest. Your Lady awaits. The quarters are quite comfortable. Remember you are in a physical form and you will tire." "How they pamper me!" the commodore remarked. "Such devotion!" For the first time Kirk noticed the woman was in armor. She went to Chekov. "My instructor?" she remarked. "Ah, yes ma'am!" Checkov answered. "The weapons controls are over here, ma'am."

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