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"It's been quite an adventure!" Kirk sighed.
"There'll be many more!" Jehovah assured.
They made for the nearest sun, looped around it, and headed back in time. As they came out of the time slip everything around Commodore Jehovah shimmered. When it stopped shimmering the bridge was vastly different. It seemed more primative. There were beeps and chirps that hadn't been there before. Yet the crew seemed quite unaware of the change. The turbo lift doors opened and Captain Pike emerged. Kirk began to rise.
"Keep the seat, lieutenant!" Pike snapped. "You might as well get used to it! I've just been informed I'm now an admiral. As Spock does not desire at this time to be captain, Starfleet approves your temporary assignment being made permanent. I wish to make it clear to everyone again. What we've just been through never happened. We were never on that world. It doesn't exist."
"Like a couple of others!" Spock answered.
"Exactly!" Pike agreed.
Lt. Uhura looked sad and turned around. "Lt....I mean, Captain Kirk, we've just got a message from operations. Your father died this morning. Your family is requesting that you come for the funeral. Starfleet is arranging leave for you. I'm sorry, sir."
"Damn!" Kirk sighed. "I would like to have had him see me with captain's tags. But I'm sure he got the word. He had friends in Starfleet that would've told him as soon as the news got there. Send my acknowledgement to Star Fleet and inform my family I'll be there as quick as I can. I have a few duties to perform."
"No you don't!" Pike put in. "All your duties can wait! I'll cover for you. I owe your father that. No more discussion!"
"Oh!" Uhura continued, "Mr. Spock! Your mother's on Earth. She's brought some old Vulcan manuscripts to be studied by her former library. She would be very pleased if you could visit."
"I most certainly will!" Spock answered. "Thank you, lieutenant!"
Everyone on the bridge grinned knowing Spock wouldn't be visiting his mother alone. Pike came over to Commodore Jehovah. "Well, this was quite a shakedown cruise after a refit!" Pike sighed. "Glad you were with us, Commodore Jehovah! Having a steady experienced hand when I was down and these kids have the ship gave me a great deal of comfort."
"These kids did most excellently," Jehovah answered, "most excellently indeed! They will be a good crew. They will see a lot together."
Pike nodded. "This little adventure took off some of the sharp edges!" he agreed. "But this is a fine ship! She'll serve them well."
"Taking up standard orbit!" Chekov remarked.
"Mr. Chekov," Uhura called, "Star Fleet just informed me that you are ordered to the transport ship Eisenov immediately! You are being given emergency leave."
"Leave?" Chekov muttered. "Leave?
"Well, if you'll excuse me," Commodore Jehovah put in, "I've gotta get to the transport room. My party will be waiting."
"Good journey!" Pike acknowledged.
Jehovah made his way through familiar halls and into the transport room. His companions were waiting on the transport pads. "Is all well?" Captain Jehovah asked.
"All is fine!" Jehovah answered, "All is as it should be. All will now transpire as it did before. Things are back where they are supposed to be."
"Good!" Captain North snapped. "I hate it when history gets messed up and you're the only one that remembers how things are really supposed to be." Jehovah laughed. "That's why I'm called God!" he managed. He pointed his fingers at the transport controls and they energized. The six figures faded away, but they weren't gone, they were far from gone. They were everywhere!


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