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Chapter 5

Several hours later Kirk decided he'd better check around the ship to see how things were going. He went down to sickbay first. He couldn't find Dr. McCoy. An attractive woman was treating a patient and he went over.
"Oh! Captain Kirk!" the woman sighed. "An extreme pleasure! I'm Dr. Crusher! Do you need something?
"Where's my doctor?" Kirk asked.
"I put him to bed," Dr. Crusher answered, "before he collapsed! You folks have been through quite a bit lately." She ran a scanner over Kirk and checked the readings. "You could use some sleep too," she remarked.
"My very thoughts," Kirk answered. "Your Mr. Riker is manning my bridge. Most excellent officer! We appreciate the assistance you're all giving us. Now that I know things are secure here I'm going to check engineering and I think I will head for bed."
He found engineering busy but most of the other Enterprise's crew there. An officer approached him wearing a strange visor. "I'm Chief Engineer LaForge," he announced. "I'm afraid most of your crew's down, captain! They took a little radiation down here and the anti radiation drugs simply knocked them out. But we've got the situation well in control. Is this a constitution class starship?"
"Yes," Kirk answered.
The man's facial expressions became strange but he continued, "We should have you fully functional in about twelve hours. Your crew should be back on their feet by then. You're in good hands, captain! Why don't you get some rest?"
"The second time I've been given that advice!" Kirk answered. "But I'm concerned. We had to leave some comrades behind and I'm concerned about them."
"Don't be!" came another voice.
LaForge looked around and moaned "Q!"
"Now, now!" the commander approaching laughed. "Don't get upset Mr. LaForge. I have been sent by their friends to assure them they're all right and they should catch up with them in about ten hours."
The officer looked around with an odd look on his face. "Thank you!" Kirk praised. "Now, I really think I'll get that rest."
He headed to his cabin, didn't bother to turn on the lights, got most of his clothes off, and got into bed then quickly got up and turned on the lights. There was someone else in the bed. He recognized her, a young female ensign that had just come on board.
"Ensign!" he snapped, "May I ask what you're doing in my cabin?"
The ensign opened her eyes and pulled the covers around her. "Your cabin?" she moaned. "I thought it was Lt. Uhura's cabin. I punched in her code. I'm sorry, captain. I'll get dressed and leave."
"Radiation medication?" Kirk asked.
"Yes sir!" the ensign answered.
"Stay there!" Kirk ordered, turning out the lights. "We're both too tired for you to be in any danger. Go back to sleep."
"Aww!" the ensign moaned, and followed Kirk's instructions. He chuckled, got in bed, and quickly was asleep himself. When he woke the ensign was gone. He was sure there would be all kinds of stories throughout the ship if anybody saw her leaving his cabin. He got a shower, a fresh uniform, and returned to the command deck. The ever pleasant Captain Picard was there.
"You're just about up and running!" he announced. "Do wish you could stay and have a meal with us. But Commodore Jehovah insists that you get under way just as soon as you can. Sadly I agree with him. But it's been enjoyable captain, being of service to you."
"I've got the star date," Kirk returned, "I'll leave instructions for a reward for your crew when you reach that star base you mentioned from the crew of this Enterprise. I wish we had time that I could hear some of your adventures! That looks like a magnificent ship!"
"That she is!" Picard answered. "There'll come a day I'll have to say good bye to her, and it will be hard! They become a part of you."
The turbo lift opened and Commodore Jehovah came in. "If you'll excuse me," Captain Picard continued, "I'd better gather up my people and get them back on board my ship. We'll just hang around for a little longer to make sure you get safely on your way."
"Again my thanks!" Kirk concluded. "Good journeys, captain!"
"The same to you, captain!" Picard answered and headed for the turbo lift.
A few minutes later Spock announced "Mr. Scott is ready to restart the engines. Shall he proceed captain?"
"Do so!" Kirk answered.
There were a few minutes of nervousness then Chekov reported "All engines answering, captain! We have our course. Shall I engage?"
"Make it so!" Kirk answered, taking his command chair. "I suppose we've got to time travel again."
"Just a little bit more," Commander Jehovah answered. "One last trip to get you home. Then you'll deposit me and my friends on mother Earth and be about your own business."

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