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"No need!" Jehovah countermanded. "It's a drone. It's disintigrating even now. But it's sending a message. 'Went far further back than we intended, beyond event one. Event one about to happen. Cannot escape. Unless you want the universe to be totally unbalanced you'd better rescue us!" "Mr. Spock!"
"Nearest sun one hour away!" Spock snapped. "I will have the calculations to put us into time slip by the time we arrive."
"Mr. Checkov!" Commador Jehovah snapped.
"Course laid in, Commodore!" Chekov answered.
They quickly reached the sun and went in to time slip. "This is going to be tricky!" Commander Jehovah warned. "I won't be able to stop traveling in time. We will have to find them, stay in proximity of them, get a tractor beam on them, and pull them into the time slip with us. If we lose the time slip we will never be able to start another one."
"Why?" Chekov asked.
"Because where we're going," Spock answered, "there aren't any! They haven't come into existence yet! Nothing has come into existence yet!"
"Oh!" Chekov moaned.
They entered the time slip and Kirk wondered how anyone could function in this environment. But Commodore and Captain Jehovah worked the instruments. Finally Jehovah cried "Got them! Now let's get out of here!"
"Problem!" his consort cried. "Horrendous wave of energy approaching behind us traveling at plus light speed."
"Damn!" Commander Jehovah cried, "It's the hyper wave from event one! Normally it would not effect us that much. But this one is too powerful. Position the other ship ahead of us. We have only one hope. We must go out and shield the ships! Their shields will not hold. Captain, the ship will release our companions at the proper moment and decelerate. If we do not make it through with you, don't worry. We will catch up with you. Come on!" he snapped to his consort.
They hurried off the bridge. A few moments later Chekov announced "They're outside. They've formed a shield around us. I can't believe the level of the power that it's putting out! The energy wave is catching up with us. Five, four, three, two, one, CONTACT!"
Kirk felt the ship lurch. An instrument panel burst into flame. Spock grabbed an extinguisher and headed for it.
"We've released the other ship!" Sulu cried, "But we're not decelerating!"
"Do whatever you have to do to make us do it!" Kirk screamed.
"Mr. Scott! We must decelerate!" Spock was screaming into the intercom. "If you must disable the engines do so."
"I understand!" came Scott's voice. A few moments later Kirk knew they were decelerating. They were decelerating very rapidly! Finally, they came to a stop.
"Woooo!" Kirk moaned. "Damage reports!"
"The engines are still working, captain," Mr. Scott's voice answered, "but barely! I've got to shut 'em down and hope I can start 'em up again."
Kirk sighed. "Do it!" he answered.
A few moments later they sat dead in space. For an hour they worked then Chekov announced "We've got company! Big ship, very big ship coming up fast!"
"Hailing frequencies!" Kirk snapped. "This is Captain James T. Kirk of The United Federation Starship Enterprise. We are damaged and need assistance. We mean you no harm. Who is approaching us?"
There was awkward silence for a few minutes and then a voice answered, "Greetings, Captain Kirk! This is Jean Luc Picard of The United Federation Starship Enterprise. We will most certainly render you aid. We'll be there in a few moments! Do you need any medical assistance?"
"Dr. McCoy?" Kirk snapped.
"Nothing too serious," McCoy answered, "but alot of 'em. I could use another doctor for a few hours, and some portable equipment."
"They will be transporting as soon as we are in range," the other Enterprise answered. "Stand by!"
"How very interesting!" Spock remarked.
"Indeed!" Kirk answered, "Indeed!"

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