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By Speaker Gerald Polley

Chapter 1

Things had been so hectic the last few days that James T. Kirk was glad for a few days' leave. He stepped into the transport room and Checkov was there doing something with the transporters. "Problems, Mr. Chekov?" the captain asked.
"Ah, no sir!" the Russian answered, "Just, well we really put some strain on them sir. I'm just making sure everything is as it should be."
"Well, have you got the coordinates of that motel in Iowa?"
"Yes sir!" Chekov snapped. "I'll put you down right outside the lobby!"
Captain Kirk smiled, got up on the transport pad and waited. He faded out. But when he reappeared he wasn't at the motel. It was far more luxious surroundings. He went to reach for his communicator when a voice remarked "That's not necessary, Captain Kirk! I'm afraid I diverted you. Just leave your things there. We need to talk."
Kirk to see a Star Fleet commodore approaching him. "Yes sir!" he snapped. "How may I help you, sir?"
"I need a space ship," the commodore answered. "You see, this time line isn't going to last. The human race is going to be destroyed by a race called The Borg. And then they are going to be destroyed by The Klingons, but not before they wipe them out. It will cause a collapse in the continuity of life and slowly life will die throughout the galaxy, then, the universe."
Kirk looked at the man he was following with disbelief. "Can you tell me, sir," he finally managed, "how you know this?"
"Oh!" the commodore answered, "I'm God. I know everything. I can tell you the exact hour that The Borg will arrive on Earth in this current timeline, far earlier than they should. Man will be helpless against them. So I need your space ship, your starship."
"Why?" Kirk asked. "Why would God need a space ship?"
The commodore smiled. "I can do things like this," he remarked. Suddenly him and Kirk were on a mountainside, beautiful scenery all around them. "Or this!" the commodore remarked. They were in an entertainment center where naked women were dancing around poles, and women with virtually nothing on were taking drinks to tables. "Do me a favor," the commodore remarked, "the big man sittng at the table there, knock him out!"
Kirk walked over, tapped the man on the shoulder and asked him to get up. Curiously the man rose. Kirk punched him and knocked him unconscious. "Bring the girl with him over here," the commodore remarked.
Kirk did so, and again they were some place else outside a village somewhere in Africa. "Now," the commodore remarked, "You didn't really like that place where you were, did you?" to the young woman. "That man was not what you thought he would be. In the future be more cautious who you go off to meet. Now, go home!"
The girl smiled, curtsied, and hurried off. "No since wasting effort!" the commodore remarked.
They were back in the recreation center. "You see, I can do things like that," the commodore continued, "but I can't maneuver through time, not on a planetary surface anyway. But with the proper vessel, moving at warp speed, I can create a tunnel that will take me to any spot in time that I want to be. That's why I need your ship, captain. When you get back to it you will find orders in your computer putting you and your crew at my disposal. But I never force anyone to do anything. All must serve me of their own free will. So how about it? Have I got your ship?"
Kirk sighed. "I guess there's no recourse. I'll have to trust that you're what you say you are. When do we need to leave?"
The commodore took a communicator from his belt, opened it, and called "Commodore Jehovah to Enterprise. Ready to beam up!"
Kirk found himself fading out and reappearing on The Enterprise. Chekov wasn't in the transport room, one of the regular technicians was there. "Oh! I see they found you, captain!" he snapped. "We got the alert just after you beamed down. Everybody's being called back. The doctor is at medical operations replacing some equipment. He needs to talk to you."
Kirk went over and adjusted the communications equipment. A moment later the doctor's voice was heard. "I told you I don't want to transport! I'll come up in the shuttle."
"No time for that, doctor!" Kirk snapped, "We need you back on board right now!"
"I can't !" the doctor answered. "The nurse we need won't be here for an hour. There's no one else available."
"There's a nurse coming in the door," Jehovah remarked. "Ask her to join us."
"What?" the doctor asked, "Who was that, Jim?"
"A commodore," Kirk answered. "Is there a nurse there?"
"Yes," Dr. McCoy answered. "She just came in with an order slip. She's from the hospital."
"Let me talk to her!" Kirk snapped.
"'Scuse me, miss," the doctor snapped "my captain would like to talk to you."
"Yes?" came a woman's voice.

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