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Chapter 8

Back in upstate New York Lois Lane walked out into the gardens of the lavish estate where they were staying to get away from the lights so she could see the stars. Movement caught her attention and she turned to see Vic, Luthor's obnoxious henchman.
"If you don't mind," Lois remarked, "I'd like some privacy." Vic reached up and caressed her hair. "I DO mind!" he answered. "Seeing you in that bikini in the hot tub makes me understand why you're Superman's hottest babe! Luthor said to see that all your needs were fulfilled. I'm just fulfilling his orders."
"Get lost!" Lois snapped. Vic grabbed ahold of a handful of her hair and gave a yank. "Don't get snotty with me, miss high and mighty!" he growled.
Suddenly a dark figure came up behind Victor ad a hand closed around the back of his neck. Victor gave a startled cry and let go of Lois' hair. "You know, little man," a deep voice remarked, "you have got to have a serious attitude adjustment where women are concerned! When a lady tells you to get lost you turn around and move your feet in the other direction! Someday you're going to be something, but you've definitely got to work on it a little bit! Now, when I let go, walk!"
"O.k.!" Vic muttered. "O.k.! I get the picture! Let go! I think you cracked something!"
There was a moment's silence then the deep voice answered, "No, I just pinched some tendons, you're going to be sore for quite a while. Now, good-bye!"
Victor hurried off and Lois stared at the hulking form before her. "You must be Darklight!" she commented.
"The one and only!" her rescuer answered. "Would you mind very much, Mrs. White, if I kiss you on the cheeks?" "What?" Lois asked.
Her visitor was silent, so she finally said "I don't see any harm."She could not see the man's face in the dark as he lifted his mask, but the kisses on her cheek were light and delicate and seemed to fill her with a strange comfort. "Thank you!" her guest remarked. "We'd better get up to the house. I need to speak to Luthor."
Lois nodded. Luthor was waiting for them on the porch steps. "I was coming looking for you!" Luthor remarked to Lois. "I noticed Victor was gone. Was there any problem?"
"Not really," Lois answered. "I think we have an understanding now."
"If there's ever a problem again," Luthor snapped, "tell me immediately!"
Lois nodded. "I think someone wants to talk to you," she continued. "I'll make myself scarce though it's a conversation I'm sure I'd like to hear!"
After she disappeared Darklight spoke. "You really don't need to be concerned," he told him. "You're going to be a fine father, and a fine grandfather. Just because your parents were not loving and caring doesn't mean that you won't be. Don't worry about it! All of your children will always be proud that you were their father, and how well you prepared them for life!"
"Damn!" Luthor thought, "Do you know every damned thought I think, every damned worry I have?"
"Not every one," Darklight answered, "but a good many of them. Oh! I've only got a minute more, I've got another appointment. Be sure to leave the reception by 3:45 tomorrow. It's imperative! You have to be out of there before that time! Don't forget, 3:45! Be in your cars and rolling by then!"
"If you say to do it," Luthor answered, "it will be done!"
"One other thing," Darklight continued, as he walked off.
"Continue working on the Hercules suit. You're going to need it."
"I thought you didn't want me to fight Superman!" Luthor remarked. But there was no answer. Darklight was already gone. Luthor stared into the night then went back into the house. "Getting late," he remarked, "we'd all better get to bed." He went over to Victor and examined his neck. "That's going to hurt like hell!" he remarked. "I'd better give you something for it. But watch your manners in the future, or next time I might hurt your neck!" "Yes, Mr. Luthor!" Vic answered. "Thank you, Mr. Luthor!"
"Playing doctor?" Lois asked.
"I could easily qualify for a medical degree," Luthor answered. "I've even been known to do some surgery." "I don't doubt it!" Lois answered. "Good night!" "Good night!" everybody replied.
"You know," Ben commented as Lois disappeared, "she's a nice lady! Glad we can be friends once and a while!" Luthor only smiled. He was thinking of a Bible verse, of all things; "Even the worst of man will not give their children a scorpion when they ask for meat." Luthor hadn't really understood that passage until now!
Far away in Metropolis Officer Bill Murphy was leaving his local convenience store heading for his apartment when he looked up to find Darklight standing in front of him.
"Hello!" Murphy remarked.

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