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"My fears exactly!" the ship agreed. "Oh," Superman asked, "are you familiar with a Professor Twaddle who lived among these people for thirty years?"
"Oh, yes!" the ship answered. "He has been of a tremendous help to the local people. He left some time ago, and they have received no word of him. They are concerned."
"He has gone to where I live," Superman explained. "Before I depart I will go down to the village and tell them that he is safe and trying to arrange some help for them."
"Good!" the ship acknowledged.
Krypto went back inside and laid down. A red glow came on and Superman knew he was in suspension. "I would not keep him in suspension any more," Superman instructed. "Monitor the local area, beyond these villages. Expand his area of operation, but have him keep his presence a secret."
"I understand," the ship agreed. Superman rose. made his way to the village and explained about Twaddle. The village elders thanked him and Superman returned to his nightly patrol.
"I wish it had a library," he muttered. "I miss my library!"
A distant call for aide caught his attention and he sped away.

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