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Chapter 7

Far away Superman cruised over the Amazon rain forest. He had never been in this part of the world before. He found the villages on the professor's map, but there was no sign of the mysterious white demon.
Suddenly something touched his back and sped away so fast even Superman couldn't see it. "That couldn't have been a bird!" Superman remarked. Birds sometimes did that, Hawks, and other hunters seemed to be trying to drive him out of their territory. Suddenly Superman felt the touch again and this time caught a glimpse of a white flash moving away from him. He took up pursuit and they sped around mountains, through forests. Finally Superman came to rest on a mountaintop. "Whatever this is, it's just as fast as I am!" Superman muttered.
A ways off a white face peeked around a rock, disappeared, and then peeked again. Slowly a big white dog came from behind the rock. It started wagging its tail and the rock began to disintegrate as the tail hit it. Superman stared in disbelief. He knelt down on one knee and tears trickled out of his eyes.
"Krypto?" he moaned. The dog shot forward and was in his arms, lapping his face and hugging him. "It can't be!" Superman gasped. "You were destroyed, with everything else, on Krypton! How could YOU be here?"
The dog backed off, barked happily, and headed off. Superman followed. It lead him to a mountain overlooking the Indian villages. There, under a pile of rubble that had obviously fallen on it long ago, was a Kryptonian space ship. The dog went inside, laid down, and stared at Superman.
"That's why I don't remember seeing you for a while before they put me in my ship! This must've been a test ship father built! He put you in it, probably intending to have you arrive before me, and look after me! But something must've gone wrong! You probably entered a time warp and arrived on Earth a thousand years before I did! But how did you survive this long?"
"Because my son," came Jor-El's voice from inside the ship, "the suspension unit in this vessel was set to keep its occupant in full suspension. When it is on the occupant does not age. In order to fulfill my mission to have your dog be here when you arrived, as much as possible I kept him in full suspension, only awaking him when those he watched over were in immediate danger. Though he has been here a thousand years, he has only aged a few days. Where is your ship? I awaited its signal but never received it. You only recently came in range of my sensors." Superman stared. "my ship malfunctioned," he finally managed. "It did not make a soft landing. I barely survived even with the strength this world gives me." A thought entered Superman's mind. "Do you have a crystal library?" he asked, "like the one that was carried in my ship?"
"No," the ship answered. Krypto's eyes suddenly widened. He looked towards the village and shot by Superman. Superman didn't move, but merely watched and listened to what occurred with his superior vision and hearing. Two men dressed in ragged clothes had a young native girl in a clearing.
"Well, here's a sweet little plaything," one of the men was saying. "We'll have some fun with this!" Krypto appeared out of the jungle and approached, growling softly. The girl looked at him and smiled.
"What the...?" one of the men grumbled. He reached in his belt and pulled out a pistol, firing two shots. As the bullets bounced off Krypto and headed back towards the girl, he snapped them out of the air, then spat them out, staring at the men angrily. The one holding the girl let her go. "I think it is time for us to leave!" he remarked, "I think we had better find some other place to be!"
His companion still hesitated. Krypto came forward, snatched the gun from his hand, chewed it up and spat it out. With that both men turned and fled with great haste! The girl came over, patted Krypto and kissed him on the forehead. "Thank you!" she praised, and headed back toward the village. Krypto returned to Superman and received praise from him, also.
"Do things like that happen often?" Superman asked.
"They used to be rare," the ship answered, "but they are increasing more and more with each passing day."
"How does Krypto get enough to eat?" Superman asked, "And how does he dispose of his waste?"
"The natives leave him pies of scrap," the ship answered, "that I transport with a pick up module and condense until he is hungry. There is a waste disposal unit within me that he uses. I use the module to spread its contents over the surrounding area so that they are not too concentrated in one place."
"Good!" Superman praised. "You have followed your programming very well! Is there anything you need?"
"No," the ship answered, "my power supply could last for one hundred thousand years, and all my systems are fully functional."
"Well," Superman continued, "I think Krypto is needed here. I will come to visit when I can. There's also somebody else I want him to meet."
"Give me his coordinates," the ship responded, "I can see him in your thoughts. Krypto will be delighted. He can visit while I monitor. Might I ask how do YOU dispose of your excess waste without a ship?"
Superman smiled. "I have a place at the bottom of the ocean," he answered. "I take in large quantities of food only once a month and dispose of the waste there. Otherwise than that I use normal facilities."
"I hope we can converse more," the ship continued. "It has been lonely having no high mind to communicate with. I have been picking up signals but did not know if I should reply to any of them."
"It would be highly dangerous if you did," Superman continued. "If you were to accidentally give these people some advanced technology it could be disastrous!"

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