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Chapter 4

While Luthor and his henchmen were driving across town Clark Kent was sitting at his desk in The Daily Planet when a commotion broke out. "My God!" someone remarked, "I can't believe it! It's Lex Luthor!"
Kent looked up to see a man at the head of the office talking to some people. Perry White came up to him, checked his identification, then pointed to Clark. The man made his way through the office. "Mr. Kent?" he inquired. "Yes!" Clark answered. "How may I help you?"
"I am Professor Twaddle," the man answered. "I understand you know this Superman, that you can get in contact with him?"
"Yes!" Clark answered, "Do you have need of him? "
"For the last thirty years," the Professor continued, "I have been living in a remote area of Brazil with one of its last indigenous people, The Kalla. Very few people enter their region because it is said there is a white demon that drives away any that attempt to invade them. I, myself, have seen the remains of a gunboat that was said to have been demolished by this creature. The natives have a sacred cave where they keep a record of all the services the demon has provided them. A few months ago a traveler that is allowed to visit brought in magazines with pictures of Superman showing his abilities. I compared those abilities to those of the demon and found they are similar. I was wondering if you might have Superman go to South America and investigate this strange phenomena. Thusfar this demon seems to have been beneficial, but something of that much power might prove dangerous if controlled by the wrong people."
Clark looked at the man rather bewildered.
"Oh, I've brought pictures, sketches of the paintings."
Clark took the case he was holding out and proceeded to go through it. "You can't tell much with these," he remarked, "the natives seem to always draw the demon as a white streak with the different abilities coming out of it. But you're absolutely right, Professor! This thing DOES appear to use Superman's abilities! I most certainly WILL contact him and advise him of the situation!"
"Thank you!" the Professor praised. "Now if you will excuse me, you have the drawings and the maps telling Superman where to find the villages. To find Superman was not my only purpose in coming here. Civilization is encroaching on my friends, despite the demon's efforts. Funds are needed to provide them medical care. I am trying to arrange such funds though many of my contacts have long ago passed away."
Clark took a piece of paper and wrote several names and addresses on them. "Contact these people," he suggested. "I have known them to be interested in such causes."
"Thank you!" the Professor praised, "Thank you! One other thing, Mr. Kent, perhaps you can help me. Who is this Lex Luthor person everybody keeps mistaking me for?" Clark smiled. "I am afraid, Professor, he is a notorious criminal, considered to be one of the most brilliant of our time! And I must say, the resemblance is incredible! But I would say at a close glance you are perhaps twenty years older than Luthor, he is in his thirties. I would say you are in your fifties."
"Oh dear!" the Professor managed, "I don't know if I like the idea that I resemble a notorious criminal! But your estimates are quite right, Mr. Kent! I am fifty-eight. Notorious criminal? Mother would be quite upset, she would be quite upset!"
The Professor rose and departed. Clark watched him go and then again stared at the sketches. "Yes," he muttered," as soon as Superman has an opportunity he needs to check into this! Something with these kind of powers could be dangerous, could be VERY dangerous!"
He looked again at the retreating Professor. "And I wonder why the Professor is wearing a large lead amulet under his clothes on a gold chain?" He shook his head as the news report of a ship collision which had caused one of the ships to flounder got his attention. He made his way to a storeroom that had a large air duct that lead to a hatch on the roof. Clark Kent was not seen in the office for some time.

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