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Chapter 3

One of Luthor's henchmen entered, accompanied by a lovely heavy set woman.
"Where ya been, Ben?" one of the other henchmen called, always kidding about his companion's name.
"Visiting my mum!" the henchman answered looking angry. "Knock it off, Vic! I'm in a bad mood!" "What's the matter?" Luthor asked.
"My mum's dying," Ben answered, "liver failure. Her and a whole bunch of people in her neighborhood have got it." "Drinking too much?" Vic asked. Ben grabbed him by the collar. "Don't keep pushing!" he remarked. "No. She hardly ever touches it, a little wine once and a while. It was the damned bottled water. The bastard that made the bottled water plant used pipe from a toxic waste plant. They were supposed to have been flushed out but it was never done. Now my mum has died unless they can find a liver." He pushed the other man back.
"That's enough, Vic!" Luthor snapped. "Ben, you and Molly have no records do you? You've never done any time, you've never been caught."
"No," Ben answered.
"Good!" Luthor continued, "From now on you're Kitty's driver and bodyguard, and Molly's her housekeeper. You'll be generously paid."
"I ain't no maid!" Molly put in.
"No," Luthor answered, "but you can hire the maids and the cooks and take care of things, and you two better get married, too, so the kids won't be askin' questions."
"What kids?" Ben asked.
"MY kids!" Luthor answered.
"Well, o.k.!" Ben snapped. "But what if we want some?"
"It'll be a big house!" Luthor answered.
Kitty reappeared. "Let's go!" Luthor snapped. "Lot to do! Couple of people we've got to pick up."
A couple of hours later Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen were leaving The Daily Planet building when two of Luthor's men took their arms. "Somebody wants to see you!" one of them snapped to Lois. "No trouble, just come along!" Lois and Jimmy were taken around the corner and put in Luthor's limo. "Good day, Miss Lane!" Luthor greeted. "I've got a story I'd like you and Olsen to cover, if you don't mind!"
"What?" Lois asked looking rather disgusted.
"My wedding!" Luthor answered, "And Kitty would be absolutely delighted if you would serve as her bridesmaid! We need to go pick up some dresses. She'd love your advice. And also, your suggestions on a maternity outfit, and, a delivery facility. You've been through this sort of thing. If you're not interested you're free to go, but if you are you'd have to stay with us a couple of days. You can! Ought to be quite a story for The Planet!"
Lois looked to Luthor and Kitty who was smiling. "Please?" was all over her face without her saying it. "Why not?" Lois finally answered. "It Does sound like quite a story!"
"Gee, I'd love to, Mr. Luthor!" Jimmy put in, "But I haven't got my camera."
"Beside you!" Luthor remarked. Olsen picked up the case beside him and opened it. "Wow!" he gasped "A Nekai 12900Z with all the lenses! And it looks like enough film for a year, and it has a digital converter! WOW Mr. Luthor! I've been after Mr. White to get me one of these for months!"
"It's yours!" Luthor answered, "Payment for riding around with us for a couple of days."
"Certainly!" Jimmy piped.
"Well, let's get rolling then," Luthor laughed, "before somebody gets curious about us sitting here."
"Can I call the paper," Lois asked, "and let them know we're on an assignment?"
"Certainly!" Luthor agreed. "Tell them you'll check in every eight hours or so, so they won't get nervous."
Lois looked surprised at Luthor's quick agreement. "Mr. Luthor," the driver remarked, "we have that appointment." "Yes!" Luthor agreed. "We'll drop Lois and Kitty off at The Bridal Boutique. They can be getting their dresses. Molly will go, too. Have the others meet us there."
The driver nodded, punched some numbers in a cell phone and picked it up. "Meet us at The Bridal Boutique!" he snapped. "Drop Molly off, then follow us!" He shut the cell phone off and put it back in the holder. Lois and Jimmy got out with Kitty and Molly joined them. The limo and the van pulled away.
"Where are they going?" Lois asked. "Better you don't know," Kitty answered, "somebody's messing with Luthor, and they should know better than do that!"
Lois nodded and looked at Kitty's stomach. "How far along?" she asked.
"Just a couple of weeks," Kitty answered. "Were you this scared? Did you wonder if you were doing right?"
"Every damned morning!" Lois answered, "Every damned morning! But I knew if it wasn't supposed to be happening it wouldn't be. It's what was meant to be."
Kitty smiled. "I've always liked you, you know!" she giggled. "Me, too!" Lois answered, and they headed into The Boutique.

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