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Chapter 21

In the morning while Supergirl awoke she found several vanilla envelopes on her bureau and a letter. "Greetings, Kara!" the letter began. "These envelopes contain a manuscript written by Arthur Kent. He was a sociologist who has spent the last twenty years studying a group of natives in Tazmania. They were recently wiped out in a flash flood, all but for one senile old woman and some very little children. The girl mentioned in the manuscript was a half cast, him and his wife June adopted. Read through the manuscript, familiarize yourself with everything so if people ask you about it you'll be able to tell them about things. This is a very convenient identity, as these Kents are distant relations of Kal-El's mother. Darklight."
Supergirl put down the letter, picked up the manuscripts, and with incredible speed began toread through them. In but a few minutes she had been through all six envelopes. A tear trickled won her cheek when she put the last one away. "Why couldn't they have been saved?" she muttered. She got up and tried on some of her clothes. She chose a tight pair of shorts and a blouse, picked up a bra and eyed it curiously. She went downstairs and made for the kitchen. "Auntie," she called out, "this might be embarrassing but I don't know how to wear this thing and I suppose I should get used to doing it." She entered the kitchen, found Mrs. Kent standing at the stove and a handsome young man sitting at the table, his eyes wide, and his mouth hanging open.
"Laura, dear," Mrs. Kent managed, "this is Bob Harrison. Him and his family help me run the farm. Bob, this is my niece Laura. She's going to be staying with me for a few weeks 'til she goes off to college."
"Oh!" Supergirl managed with a smile. "I'd love to see how the farm is worked. Could I follow him around today?"
Mrs. Kent took the bra from her hand, turned her around, and said "I'm sure Bob will enjoy that! Come along! I'll show you how to wear this."
"I most certainly will!" Bob managed. "I'm going to college too, this semester. Metropolis University?"
Supergirl looked to Mrs. Kent who nodded. "Yes!" she answered. "Give me a moment. *I'd like some of that breakfast too!"
Supergirl learned a lot about Earth people in the next few days, especially an interesting custom called kissing! Bob taught her quite a bit about that!

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