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"No!" Lois sighed, "I can't! Brentworth is where Jason will be going."
"Oh!" Kitty sighed.
Lois kept an ear cocked to the radio that was on but not being paid much attention to. A reporter was saying "There's a bad fire on the north docks. Traffic is advised to use an alternate route and stay away from the shore expressway. Wait a minute! That order has just been canceled. Superboy appeared and helped the firemen get the blaze under control. Traffic can continue as normal."
A few moments later Jason appeared on his balcony so his mother could see him, then went back into his room.
"I'd be going out of my mind!" Kitty muttered.
"What?" Lois asked.
'Oh, nothing," Kitty answered. "I was just thinking if I was Superboy's mother I'd be going out of my mind worrying that he might not be as super as he thinks he is!"
"That would not keep her from letting him do what he has to do!" Lois answered, "Though I'm sure, as you say, she's probably climbing the walls every time she knows he's doing something. I can't imagine what it must've been like for Superman's mother! Obviously they kept his existence a secret. But I wouldn't doubt, from time to time, he used his abilities. That's a woman I'd like to talk to!"
"I don't doubt it!" Kitty managed. "Well, it's always lovely. I get to breathe once and a while when I'm with you! I love running that company, and helping so many people. But once and a while I like being with someone I can just be a girl with, not the boss! You know what I mean?"
Lois smiled. She knew exactly what she meant. She had gone through it for years at The Planet.
Kitty looked embarrassed. "I hope you're not upset about what that talk show host said," she spat. "I never ever think of you like that! We're just friends."
"I know!" Lois said. "But please, no more stink bombs in her bedroom?"
"I'll try!" Kitty assured, "But you know Luthor! He doesn't like people saying things like that just to get publicity. If they want publicity he'll give them publicity making them look like total idiots! The poor senator! Now his wife's filing for divorce!"
"Serves him right!" Lois chuckled. "Now everybody knows why he was such a fervent supporter of free speech!" Kitty chuckled again. "I've really got to go!" she sighed. She picked up the carrier. 'Oh, damn!" she moaned.
"What?" Lois asked.
"This is one of the most expensive of these things on the market," Kitty complained, "and the damned handle keeps coming loose! Well, later!"
Lois smiled. She went upstairs and checked on Jason. He was going over his regular school books with Jor-El. "Remember," Jor-El was saying, "it's all right to appear smart, but you must never actually reveal how smart you really are, no matter how tempting! Let others answer the questions as much as possible. And never answer all the questions in a test correctly! Always miss a few."
It bothered Lois that her son would never be able to openly show his full potential. He would always have to hide some of his ability but she understood why that was necessary. She understood that very well! "Hey, kiddo!" she put in, "Mom and Jor-El have to get back to work. We've gotta get the rough draft of that book to the publisher and find out if he thinks it's any good!"
"Oh! He'll think it's good," Jason assured. "He'll think it's VERY good!" Lois smiled. The wall panel opened and the android came out. "If he's finished his lessons for a while," the android asked, "can we go down into the basement and play?"
"Certainly!" Lois agreed. "But no more holes in the floor?"
"Sorry, Mrs. White!" the android managed.
"Go!" Lois teased. Jason was right. The publisher LOVED the book, and so did the public! They were immediately screaming for more! "An Illustrated History Of Krypton" was on the best seller list for three months!
Lois felt very happy, but she had a premonition, a feeling. Things were going too well. Something was coming, she didn't know what. Something was coming and she was absolutely right!
Far out in space something was hurtling towards Earth with incredible velocity, and those on Earth would know it was coming VERY SOON!

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