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Chapter 19

Lois had wanted to keep out of the limelight while she worked on the book with Jor-El. But she was in demand on the talk shows because of her part in Luthor's wedding, and, The Planet wanted her to oblige whenever possible. Kitty often came on, too, and they talked about the things that women talk about. In almost every interview the commentator would ask "Do you ever feel jealous because some woman has had Superman's son? Everybody knows you and him were once a couple."
Lois would smile. "Some woman's been very happy," she would answer. "and done the world a great service. I can't say that Superman isn't a great guy, but I've got my own Superman now, who's quite enough to handle, thank you!" The audience would always laugh and applaud and Kitty would give Lois a mischievous smile. A commentator would always ask too, if it bothered Kitty that her husband was always on the run. "The only thing that would bother me," Kitty answered, "if he wasn't on the run, if he got caught! That would be the real disaster for me!"
They were leaving one interview when Lois asked Kitty," Where's the baby going to be born?"
"Oh," Kitty answered, "We've got a secluded little hospital all picked out and a discreet doctor that will see that nobody..." Kitty put her hand on her stomach. "Boy!" she moaned, "This little girl has got an awful kick! That one really hurt!"
Lois looked down. The front of Kitty's dress was wet. "Kitty!" she remarked, "I don't think that was a kick. I think the baby's decided it's not going to wait any longer."
"WHAT?" Kitty moaned, "We're not ready! Luthor's away! We've got almost a month yet." Lois shook her head. "Uh uh!" she argued. "This baby's coming and it's coming now!"
"Oh, crap!" Kitty cursed.
They headed for the nearest hospital, not waiting to take the time to be choosy. When they got to the emergency room they wanted Lois to leave, because she wasn't a relative.
"My husband's given her power of attorney," Kitty remarked. "If he's not available she's legally my next of kin, and has the authority to make any decision concerning my welfare. The letter's in my purse. My husband told me to always carry it in case of emergency."
A nurse quickly produced the document and the doctor quickly read it. "Seems to be in order!" he agreed. "The lady may stay."
Police arrived and began checking everybody coming in and out of the building. Staking out Luthor's wife when she was in labor seemed like a terrible thing to do. But he was a wanted felon. However as the delivery was nearing Lois noticed another doctor enter the room wearing a surgical mask, who immediately went to Kitty and began examining her. Lois noticed that Kitty seemed very pleased with his arrival and it didn't take Lois long to figure out who the doctor was. But she didn't think it was her place to inform the police. If they couldn't do their job that was their problem! She wouldn't keep a husband from his wife when she was having their child! The new doctor counseled with the others and they all agreed, though the baby was early everything appeared to be all right. They would simply let nature take its course.
Finally Kitty lay on the bed resting, a tiny little bundle snuggled up to her."
"Somebody told me," Kitty remarked, "that the moment you hold them all the discomfort is completely forgotten, it doesn't matter at all. They're absolutely right! She's BEAUTIFUL!"
The doctor that had been so attentive slipped out touching Lois on the arm as he left whispering "Thanks!" Lois only smiled. She stayed with Kitty a while longer just to be sure there were no complications then headed home.
"Sounds like you had an interesting afternoon!" her husband commented.
"You COULD say that!" Lois answered.
A few days later Kitty came by. As her and Lois were talking Jason went over to the carrier and looked at the baby. As he watched the baby took ahold of part of the carrier and pulled it apart. Jason looked at her in alarm and quickly put the carrier back together.
"Be careful!" he whispered. "You can't let them know! It would be too much of a temptation for your father. You've got to be real careful. Remember!" The baby smiled at him and he smiled back.
"What do you think?" Lois asked, grinning at her son.
"She's very pretty Mrs. Luthor! I think I'll marry her some day!" Both women laughed. "Well, I think both of you better get quite a bit older!" Lois managed between chuckles.
"Oh, of course!" Jason answered. "A lot of things have to happen before then, but we'll get married!"
Lois and Kitty looked at each other. "I don't think we'd better mention that idea right away to her father!" Kitty remarked.
Jason looked away. "Excuse me, Mrs. Luthor!" he remarked. "I've got to go continue my studies. I start school next week."
"How fast they grow!" Kitty sighed. "How long before I'll be worrying about this one going to school? They had trouble at Brentworth the other day. One of the students was extorting money from the younger ones. Can you imagine, an exclusive school like that?"

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