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Chapter 17

"Well," Clark began typing into his computer, "Where to begin! You were born on Earth?"
"Yes," Superboy answered. "Of course I can't say where. That would be a clue to my identity. But I was born here on Earth."
"Then, your mother was an Earth woman?" Clark continued.
"Yes," Superboy answered. "My father met her during one of his adventures. They became friends. I can't describe her, other than to say she is very beautiful, and, very intelligent!"
"She would have to be!" Clark remarked. "Everyone is curious why you wear a mask. Superman doesn't." "Superman," Superboy answered, "has a special hypnotic power that causes people not to recognize him if they see him in his other identity. I did not inherit that power, therefore I must conceal my face so people will not know my other identity."
"Why must you keep your other identity a secret?" Clark asked.
"For the same reason that Superman must," Superboy answered, "so that evil people will not be able to threaten those close to him to keep him from fighting them. Look at the trouble the world is having now, with religious fanatics taking people hostage trying to force them to obey their wishes. Those I am close to must be protected."
"Absolutely!" Clark agreed. "Do you have the rest of Superman's abilities?"
"Yes," Superboy answered. "Of course I am not quite as strong as him yet, or, as fast, nor, can I hear as well or, see as well. But my powers are increasing. And by the time I am an adult I will have his full capabilities."
"From what we've seen thusfar," Clark put in, "you seem to be quite capable! They say you caught a bullet fired by a police officer and crushed a man's pistol like it was clay, ripped a bomb off a suicide bomber, and hurled it away, returning the man safely! Some people thought you were hurt during that incident. Is that true?"
"Just a slight bruise," Superboy answered, "nothing serious. As I said, I'm not quite as invulnerable as Superman yet, but I'm getting there! Oh, I should mention I'm not as susceptible to Kryptonite as he is. I can stand several minutes of exposure to it without any harm. A small advantage my mother gave me!"
"We can only call that a precious gift!" Clark commented. "I won't even bother to ask how old you are. We'll let people guess. I'd say seven or eight."
"Yes," Superboy agreed. "That is something we're going to have to let people guess at."
"So you're living in Metropolis," Clark continued.
"Yes," Superboy answered. "This is where my father operates from. I wish to be near. I think there's enough children my age around here that people will have a hard enough time trying to figure out who I am."
Superboy looked away. "Excuse me," he commented, "I think something has arisen I should deal with."
"Thank you for this interview!" Clark answered.
Superboy rose, rapidly crossed the newsroom, shot through Perry's office and out the window. Not far away a woman was screaming in a burning car that had been rear ended by the drunk driver of a delivery truck. People were trying to fight the fire with fire extinguishers. Superboy arrived, in moments freed the woman from the car, then picked up the car and hurled it into the river. The truck driver exited his vehicle and tried to disappear into the crowd. Superboy grabbed him, pulled him back to his truck, ripped up part of the fender, wrapped it around his arm, and with his heat vision welded it.
"Hey!" the man screamed.
"The fire department can free you," Superboy snapped, "when they get here. But the police are going to want to talk to you. I'll retrieve your car ma'am and put it on the dock by Hartford Recovery. I'll have them summon the police." "Thank you!" the woman praised. Superboy shot away as the crowd cheered. One man in the crowd commented "I think this community just got twice as safe!"
Everybody around him nodded in agreement. Back in The Daily Planet Jimmy Olsen arrived at Clark's desk.
"Damn!" he sighed, "I heard Superboy was here. I wanted to get a picture." "Don't worry," Clark assured him, "he'll be back!"
"You and Miss Lane have the luck!" Olsen commented. "You two sure have the luck!"
"Yes we do!" Clark agreed, "Yes we do!"

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