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"Mother," Jason remarked, "I think there ought to be someone I should contact to give out information about myself. I would like to choose that person myself, but of course if you wish to choose someone I would abide by your wishes." "Absolutely not!" Lois answered. "I'm quite sure you will choose someone quite acceptable!"
Several hours later Perry White was sitting in his office. He enjoyed his old building that had windows that could actually be opened. He felt a draft, though and was sure his window had been closed. He looked up to see Superboy standing by his desk. He took his cigar from his mouth and put it in his ash tray.
"You know those are very bad for you, Mr. White!" Superboy remarked. "I now!" Perry answered, "But I've cut down to two a day. Old habits are hard to break! How can I help you, young man?"
"I need someone I can talk to," Superboy answered. "My father talks to Lois. I don't think it's right that I should speak to her. Mr. Kent has long been her friend. I wondered if I might speak with him and tell the public some of the things they would like to know."
Perry rose, went to his door, opened it and screamed "Kent! Get in here! You've got a visitor!"
Clark Kent came rushing in. When he saw Superboy he stopped.
"This young man would like to tell the public a few things about himself," White explained. "He'd like you to be the one he speaks to."
"By all means!" Clark managed. "Certainly! Come on out to my desk!"
Superboy followed Clark out to his desk and everybody in the office stared in amazement, but id not seem all that surprised.

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