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Lois grinned broadly, and covered her mouth. Richard, too, managed an embarrassed smile. The android went over and lifted Jason from the couch. "I'll put him to bed," he remarked, "You two go along!"
"Well, in this particular circumstance," Lois answered, "we'll accept your suggestion, but in the future ask our consent before taking action. It's a matter of politeness."
"Oh, of course!" the android answered. "My apologies! You are the superior, you are the masters, I should never take the lead."
"No!" Richard snapped "We are friends. You are here to serve and protect our son. For that we will be forever grateful. We never want to hear any comments about being masters again!"
The android smiled. "Yes, Mr. White!" he answered. With effortless ease he carried Jason upstairs.
"Life is going to be so very interesting," Richard muttered, "with those two around!"
"I wonder what it was like for Superman's mother?" Lois remarked. Then she took Richard's hand and led him upstairs. It was very late in the morning when they finally got out of bed, VERY late!

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