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Chapter 2

"Can I listen?" the woman asked.
"Surely, Kitty!" the intruder agreed.
The woman looked to Lex and he nodded. She sat down opposite the two men. "You seem to know us pretty good," Luthor remarked.
"Oh, I know you quite well!" his guest answered. "Now, your first operation to better Superman. metropolis Energy....they've got an impenetrable vault where all their records are kept. It even has a special alarm that will summon Superman if somebody tries to break in. It's said to be impeneterable."
Luthor nodded. "Been working on that," he remarked. "It has a weak point. If been trying to find out how to exploit it."
"Good!" his guest continued, "Metropolis Electric is falling apart. Many of their investments have failed. They're using illegal bookkeeping gimmicks to hide it from the public, while their executives are cleaning out the company's assets and hiding billions in overseas accounts. You get in the fault, take everything they've stored there, and get the access codes to the overseas accounts, clean them out! Sell off the treasures they've gathered. There's a small electrical company for sale in Jersey, Jersey Energies. Buy it, have control of it before you hit the vault. Put it in Kitty's name. She'll run it with good people you will hire.
When Metropolis Electric crumbles, you'll offer to buy it out, paying the stock holders current value for letting them convert to Jersey Electric stock of equal value. You will run the company absolutely legally. It will be connected to your illegal operation in no way, except maybe to sell some of them electricity. Everybody will know you're behind this. You'll become a hero! to thousands of stockholders and millions of power users because you'll keep the rates reasonable and you'll have bested Superman! You'll have exposed something illegal that he was protecting! Oh, and you will make two million dollars and each of your cronies will make a million, more than enough to make it profitable!"
Luthor sat back and smiled broadly. "I like it, I really like it! Get the records, copy them, give copies to the district attorney, FBI and Internal Revenue. Let them do the dirty work of bringing the company down so I can buy it out! It's beautiful! But why not use the company for some of my other operations?"
"Because they'll be watching it," his visitor answered. "They'll probably have hundreds of agents all through its operations trying to find illegal activity. They'll be tying up their resources while you'll be operating elsewhere. Perfect decoy operation! Oh, and there's one more person you have to send a copy of Metropolis' records to, and that person should get them twenty-four hours before anybody else."
"Who's that?" Luthor asked. "Lois Lane!" his visitor answered.
Luthor's eyes brightened. "Of course!" he remarked, "Even more perfect! Superman's girlfriend reveals that he was protecting a bunch of rip offs! Perfect! I like you more and more. O.k.! I'll set up your operation. We'll do it!" "There's just one thing I don't understand," Kitty asked, "You're obviously a good guy, why aren't you trying to get Lex to be a good guy? Why are you still making this a criminal venture?"
Her visitor smiled at her. "I can't change what is," he answered. "Lex Luthor is a master criminal. He will be a master criminal until he chooses to retire and spend his declining years pampering his grandchildren with his wife, and living a life of leisure. I cannot make him a good guy, I can just make the criminal activity that he does good, so that ;when he's ready to retire The President will be more than glad to grant him a pardon."
"His wife?" Kitty asked.
"Of course," his visitor answered. "Lex will marry the mother of his children, while Superman never acknowledges who's the mother of his sons. By the way, Luthor, that's a secret that must be kept forever. Superman would never take any action against your children. You will be the superior man by knowing who they are and never taking any action to threaten them, one more coup you'll have over him!"
Luthor smiled. "Well," he remarked, "I guess when the clerk's office opens this morning we're going to have to get a marriage license!"
"Yes," his guest agreed. "In two days Kitty's cousin is getting married up state. All of her relatives will be there. I'm sure the minister wouldn't mind conducting a second ceremony! And her family would be delighted with you joining the reception. You'll all become great friends, though there's not a dishonest one among them."
Kitty looked at Luthor wide eyed. "Really?" she muttered.
Luthor smiled and nodded. Their visitor rose. "One other thing," their guest remarked as he rose. "Tomorrow the arms dealers you were going to meet will try to kill you. In the exchange one of them will be wounded, and be dying. His blood type is O negative. Remember that. His blood type is O negative. Got to go!"
"Be looking forward to it," Luthor remarked. "I enjoy your cunning! We could be related!"
His visitor only smiled and seemed to vanish. "Where'd he go?" Kitty asked.
"He left at super speed," Luthor remarked, "faster than our eyes could follow. This guy intrigues me! He really intrigues me! Go get something pretty on. That clerk's office will be opening in half an hour."
Kitty smiled and hurried off, and Luthor sat back. "Yes, mister," he muttered, "you really intrigue me! How do you know all this stuff?" He shook his head and poured a cup of coffee. His mind was working!

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