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Jason smiled. They arrived at the church and Clark appeared. "Sorry I'm late!" he remarked. "Got diverted. A story lead that didn't pan out. Oh! A friend of mine, Professor Twaddle. I'm helping him arrange some aide for some South American natives. I invited him to come along. I hope you don't mind!"
"He's more than welcome!" Richard answered. "Any friend of Clark's! My God! He looks just like Lex Luthor!"
Twaddle raised his eyebrows and looked away. Everyone got in their places. The wedding march started, and Lois had started down the aisle, when a man in a long coat not fitted for the season burst in a side door. "Glory be to God!" the man screamed "Glory be to God!"
"Oh, no!" Lois cried, and dove for the floor. Everybody in the church did likewise.
Suddenly there was a blue flash. The screaming man disappeared and the door shattered he had come through. A few moments later there was an horrendous explosion and a few moments after that the man reappeared, minus his coat. He collapsed into a heap onto the floor. Several guests that were also police officers soon had him subdued.
Lois looked to Jason who still sat beside his grandmother. A man rushed in. "That was Superboy!" he cried, "I saw him flying away! I think he was hurt!"
Lois was totally bewildered, but they finished the ceremony and headed home. Everybody was celebrating downstairs when Lois slipped up to Jason's room. There were stains by the window and on the floor. They disappeared by the wall.
"Jor-El?" Lois growled, "Open it!"
"It's all right," Jor-El answered.
"Open it!" Lois snapped.
Richard appeared in the doorway and shut it. A panel in the wall slid open. Jason stood in the metal frame, naked from the waist up. Mechanical arms were repairing a damaged arm. "My God!" Richard moaned, "A robot!"
"No," Jor-El answered, "an android!"
"Is it all right?" Lois asked.
"Repairs will be successful," Jor-El answered. It is shut down right now."
"It's been in the house, hasn't it," Lois remarked, "When we've been gone?"
"Yes," Jor-El answered.
"As soon as it's functional again," Lois continued, "I wish to speak with it. Of course wait until we're alone!"
"Of course!" Jor-El answered.
The panel shut. "I'd look really conspicuous," Lois remarked "getting cleaning stuff and cleaning up that whatever it is! You'd better do it!"
Richard nodded. They returned to their guests but Lois was irritated. She was really irritated and everybody was going to understand that! They were REALLY going to understand that!

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