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Chapter 13

There was hectic preparation for the marriage. The days seemed to fly by! One afternoon Lois was in Jason's room when someone spoke to her.
"Good day, Lois! Might we have a moment?"
She turned to see that the viewer was on and a crystal was in it. Before her in the room, stood a life size image of Superman's father! "My goodness!" Lois remarked, "You seem so real!"
"Whoever built this device," Jor-El commented, "did an excellent job of copying Kryptonian technology. It's almost as if it was made by Kryptonians! I just wanted to say how much I value the relationship you have with my son. His survival here and his ability to function would not be possible without the support of those on this world that have given him the social interaction necessary to exist. I will always be grateful!"
"He has given us so much, too," Lois answered. "Are you truly aware?"
"As much as can be," Jor-El answered. "I put all of my thoughts, all of my memories into the crystals. If course I am a fascimle. But I do have feelings. They were programmed in so I could help my son understand his. But I must use them, too."
"Some day," Lois remarked, "I've got to sit down with you and learn more about your people! I think the public should know more about your race. I could say Superman gave me access to the records he brought with him, and asked me to publish them."
"I think that an excellent idea!" Jor-El agreed. "There is much I could tell you. I have all our history, all our philosophies. It sounds like an interesting project! But now your husband is coming. I had better shut down!" "No," Lois argued, "I want you to meet him."
"If you wish," Jor-El agreed.
Richard White entered, and did not look startled. "I thought I heard the voice Jason's been talking to!" he remarked. "it's incredible! You'd swear there was an actual person standing there!"
"We've just been discussing," Lois explained, "the possibility of writing down Krypton's history and their philosophy. We think it would be an interesting project."
"Interesting?" Richard gasped, "Phenomenal! I'll speak to my father tomorrow, and get you a leave from the paper for a couple of months. We'll set up a word processor on a dolly so you can wheel it in here and work when Jason isn't home. I wish we could get pictures!"
Jor-El looked to the printer by Jason's computer. "Do you have one of these," he asked, "that prints pictures? I think I could interface with it, or instruct you on making a device so we could! The pictures might not be full quality, but they should be usable!"
"You give me the schematics," Richard answered, "we'll get the damned thing working! As Lois gets the material I'll edit and let it out, with your permission."
"Of course!" Jor-El agreed.
"Well, we've got to go!" Richard put in. "I worry about you being here when we're not in the house. It's pretty secure, but no place is burglar proof!"
Jor-El smiled. "Do not worry," he answered, "Darklight has protected this place. Any intruder would be deeply sorry when he entered!"
Richard smiled. "I'm not surprised!" he continued.
"You'd better go!" Jor-El concluded. "You'll be late!"
He faded away and Lois and Richard shook their heads. "I hate getting fitted for a tux!" Richard complained, "But I can't wait to see that gown! Are you sure having Luthor's people around is safe?"
"Absolutely!" Lois answered. "Luthor doesn't want there to be any question of Kitty's honesty. Her and her bodyguards would do nothing to harm us. And I was given the honor of being at their wedding. I think it only appropriate she be a guest at ours."
"Can't understand," Richard remarked, 'why they've bought Jersey Electric! But they seem to be doing an incredible job of bringing it up to service. It's customers are praising the improvements! It doesn't make sense for Luthor to be pouring so much money into it!"
"It will!" Lois promised, "I guarantee you, it will! Lex Luthor does nothing without a good reason!"
Her husband nodded and they headed off.
When they were out of the house a panel in the wall opened, and a child's voice remarked, "Can I come out for a while?"
"Certainly!" Jor- El answered. "Enjoy the house, but don't disturb anything!"
"I understand!" the child's voice answered. It hurried to the window and watched the car pull away then hurried downstairs, turned on the television, and put in a disc of Jason's favorite cartoons. But when Lois and Richard returned several hours later there was no sign that anyone had been there. But Lois looked around curiously.
"What's the matter?" Richard asked.
"I don't know," Lois answered, "I just have a feeling somebody's been here."
"Well, we've got two people around," Richard remarked, "that can come in through any window, no matter how high it is, and can probably turn off the alarm system. As Jor-El said, the house is being watched!
Lois smiled. "I'd better get supper going!" she gasped, looking at the time.
"I still think we need a cook!" Richard encouraged.
"No!" Lois argued, "The cleaning people help enough. I don't want anybody here that's unnecessary. The less people we have in the house, the better! There's just too much that we have to keep quiet. The less that know, the better!"
"I agree!" her husband sighed, "I agree!

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