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Chapter 12

As they were flying back to Metropolis Los asked Luthor if she could call the paper and have them hold the Sunday magazine, that when she got there there was going to be a major rewrite. She was commandeering the whole issue!
"Well, certainly!" Luthor said, handing her a phone. "But why don't you type up some of your material on my computer and transmit it directly to the paper? They can be putting things together and have it already to slap in Jimmy's photos!"
"Why are you being so nice?" she asked.
"Because you're doing me a favor!" Luthor answered. "You're telling the world about my happiness and when I'm happy that's good for the world. The world doesn't like me when I'm unhappy!"
"Can't argue with that Miss Lane!" Jimmy put in.
Lois smiled. Minutes later The Daily Planet went into total chaos as Lois' material started coming in. The late edition was completely rewritten. It hit the streets with a bold headline:


Perry White was delighted. "We've beat the tabloids on this," he boasted. "our Sunday edition will be sold out! Book Lois on the late night talk shows for Monday, make sure she's on "Jimmy Kimmel, Live!" We want national attention on this." Everybody hurried to fulfill his orders. But every producer they called was waiting for the call. When Lois finally got back to the office everybody praised her. Clark came up.
"Quite a scoop, Lois! Been reading some of your material. Luthor seems a changed man!"
"He's still no one I'd want to mess with!" Lois answered. "I think if provoked he could still be just as vicious! But yes, he does seem different."
Richard White finally arrived. "Clark," Lois commented, "Richard and I are going to be having a little ceremony at Gotham Cathedral next Sunday. If you'd be available we'd very much like you to attend."
"I most certainly will be available!" Clark answered.
Richard looked at Lois rather dumbstruck. "Really?" he asked.
"Really!" Lois answered. "That is of course if we can make all the arrangements in time."
The senior White, who was standing in his office door bellowed, 'Alice! Get me the cathedral on the phone!"
"Yes sir!" the secretary snapped. Everybody in the office roared with laughter. That evening when Lois got home she went into Jason's room. Her son looked up at her joyously. "Mommy's got something to tell you," Lois began, but her son put his finger on her lips.
"I know, mommy!" he interrupted. "Richard's going to be my permanent daddy. I'm going to have brothers and sisters. Father spoke to me about it. He said the day would come, and I wasn't to feel bad about it because he couldn't be with you all the time, and you deserved to have somebody that could. It's o.k.! I understand! I think Richard is very special. I have always considered him my second father and always will."
Lois smiled. "I am so glad," she remarked, "that my son so takes after his father!" She went about her business and a while later went by her son's room. She heard joyous laughter and perhaps his father might be visiting, but when she looked in she found her son with Darklight. They were watching something on what appeared to be a big screen television. Lois stepped in. "What's this?" she asked.
Darklight looked up. "Good day, Mrs. White!" he answered. "I have recovered the crystals that Jor-El's father lost, and have built this player so he can be instructed by them. His grandfather was just speaking to him, and I have also brought a gift for you and your husband." He produced a beautiful wooden chest with brass ornaments. Lois looked at it in awe. "This looks like it's ages old!" she remarked.
"Oh, it is!" Darklight answered. "It was made by a Carpenter in a place called Galilee. He was renowned for the quality of his work."
Lois looked at Darklight, wide eyed. "Not THE Carpenter from Galilee!?" she asked.
Darklight only smiled. "But that is only the display case for the gift," he remarked. "Set it up on top of the bureau and open it!"
Lois did so. Inside the box was a beautiful sculpture of a man and a woman embracing and kissing. It was made of a shimmering blue substance that seemed to glow. "Good Lord!" Lois moaned, "Who made this, Leonardo Da Vinci?"
"No," Darklight answered, "I did. Some people say I have a little bit of talent!"
"My God!" Lois moaned, "That's an understatement! You have a whole lot of talent. What is this made of?"
"Let's just say it's very rare blue jade," Darklight answered. "That's what you're to tell everyone."
"This will have a permanent place," Lois praised. "It will be treasured. My God, that's me and Richard!"
She turned around to say more but Darklight was gone. She noticed a bulge under her son's shirt and asked "What's that?" "Oh," the boy answered, "something daddy's friend gave me. It's a special thing, just for me, and I'm not supposed to tell anyone else about it."
"Not even your mother?" Lois asked.

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