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Chapter 11

He motioned the elder away, commenting, "I'd like to speak to these gentlemen!" The ender nodded and walked off. "Good day!" Luthor continued. "Do you know who I am?"
"Yes sir!" the taller of the two men answered. "You're Lex Luthor, all anyone ever talks about in the penitentiary!" "Just released?" Luthor asked.
"No," the shorter man answered, "we wanted to be here earlier, but I had a little trouble with the penitentiary guards, convincing them to let my brother go."
"Anybody killed?" Luthor asked.
"Naw!" the smaller man answered, "A few headaches, nothing serious. Richard doesn't like killing, says it makes too many enemies."
"Good!" Luthor snapped. "It just so happens I have a couple of openings. I could use a couple of intelligent men, but of course I have just become a part of this family. And if there were to be hard feelings between you and them I'm sure that would dampen any prospects of employment with me. Of course if you were to make peace with them and be on good terms, the standard wages for my employees is a million dollars a year, regardless, guaranteed! Even if we do nothing the whole year."
Both men looked at each other wide eyed, then back to Luthor.
"I'm sure," Richard assured, "we can forget our little difficulties here, for those kind of wages."
"Good!" Luthor praised. He looked at his watch. "We've got a half an hour before we have to leave. Go make peace!"
The two men hurried off. The taller one walked over to Harry and extended his hand. ""Best man won!" he remarked. "May I have one last dance with the bride and give her a kiss for good luck?"
Harry took the hand and shook it. "Just not one of your half an hour take your breath away kisses!" he remarked. The shorter man walked over to a heavy set buxom woman in the corner, bowed, and remarked, "May I have this dance?"
The woman smiled and rose. Luthor walked over to Kitty and remarked, "Make your good-byes. We've got to go!" Luthor walked over to the pastor. "Any idea," he asked, "who it was that really rescued Kitty?"
The pastor shook his head. "Somebody that happened by," he answered, "or perhaps truly an Angel! The child was insistent that her rescuer had wings! Children's imaginations!"
"How do you reward an Angel?" Luthor asked.
"By doing good," the pastor answered, "for someone else. And I'm sure if it was an angelic being it will know." Luthor nodded. "Sounds good!" he muttered, "Sounds good! Come along, everybody!" he called, "We gotta go!" Everybody made their good-byes and Luthor's vehicles rolled away, heading in the wrong direction at first, and then doubling back. Fifteen minutes later the sheriff's deputies showed up looking for The Kings, but they were far away, very far away!

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