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Chapter 10

Everybody headed off to the reception in the church's rectory. Luthor enjoyed a dance with Kitty's cousin, who praised him for making a decent woman out of Kitty. "I cannot," Luthor told her, "make what already is! I can only show the world how much I appreciate it. I was once very mad at your cousin about something she did. I even had thoughts of strangling her. But then I really began to think about the reasons why she did what she did, that she was even willing to risk her life to do it. And I found I couldn't be angry at her any more. When a man doesn't have a conscience himself, he has to find someone that has a conscience good enough for two to keep his perspectives in line."
Sherina smiled. "Mr. Luthor!" she argued, "I believe there is quite a conscience there! Sometimes it takes a little effort to bring it out."
Luthor returned her smile. Luthor had sat down with her groom. "We didn't get to be introduced," Luthor greeted. "Lex Luthor."
"Harry Longbrow," the man answered extending his hand. Luthor took it. It was a strong grip.
"Native American?" Luthor asked.
"Fifty per cent!" Harry answered.
" What do you do for a living?" Luther enquired. "I'm a business consultant," came the answer, "but I'm trying to organize a new bank here in the area. The three banks we've got take advantage of the local farmers. They've foreclosed on too many farms, when the farmers just needed a little more time to pay their bills."
"How much seed capitol do you need?" Luthor asked.
"At least two million," Harry answered.
"Well," Luthor sighed, "I think it would present too many difficulties if I was to give you the money. But I have some contacts more or less honest that like to invest in things like this. They have so much money that they don't mind putting some of it to good work. I'll have them get in touch with you. I'm sure we can get your bank rolling! I'll warn you, though, you'll be watched! Everyone connected with me in any way is watched."
"Well, they'll have nothing to complain about!" Harry answered.
"Anything I'm involved with will be perfectly straightforward."
Luthor hesitated a moment. "Perhaps you can answer a question for me," he began. "Kitty doesn't talk about it but I'd like to know. What happened to her parents?"
Harry looked disturbed but answered. "They were running a meth lab. It blew up. They found their charred bodies in what was left of the house. Katrina was found out in the yard. She was nearly starved to death, she had been so neglected! She said an Angel had picked her up and carried her out of the house just before it exploded and left her there, wrapped in a blanket. He had told her not to be afraid, that she'd be found in the morning, and she wasn't! She just lay there all night watching the stars. A sheriff's deputy found her the next morning and rushed her to the hospital. Anthony and Charlotte took her in. But she wasn't a country girl, she wanted the big city, and left with somebody, we don't even know who."
"That's somebody you don't have to worry about," Luthor remarked. "He won't be luring any more young ladies to a life of excitement!" A look of concern came on Harry's face. Two men were entering the hall. Kitty's uncle was intercepting them.
"Oh oh!" Harry remarked, "The Kings!"
"Who?" Luthor enquired.
"Richard and John King," Harry explained. Richard thought he had bids on Sherina but he kept getting himself in too much trouble to suit her. He wasn't supposed to be back for a couple of weeks. I'd better go see to them." "No," Luthor snapped, "Let me handle it!" He rose and started across the room. The two men at the door saw him coming and were obviously concerned.

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