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Chapter 9

In the morning Luthor and his people enjoyed a good breakfast, then headed for the church. Luthor asked to see the pastor and Mr. Kowalski. In a few moments both men joined them. When the senior Kowalski saw Kitty he looked concerned. "Katrina," he remarked, "what are you doing here?"
Luthor answered. "Hoping that we could persuade you to join the festivities here. You see, Kitty and I wish to be married. She thought joining in her cousin's celebrations would increase the joy of the occasion. We would appreciate it if after the young couple say their vows, if we could join you and say ours!"
The man looked quite bewildered for a few moments, then a wide smile filled his face. "Sherina and Katrina were always close," he answered. "I am sure she would be delighted!"
"As you can see," Luthor continued, "we're already properly dressed, but the ladies need a place to change. The bride does not want he to see her in her dress until the ceremony."
The old man stepped back into the church and screamed "Mother! Come here!" In a few moments a stout, rosy cheeked woman in a beautiful white dress entered. "Look who's here!" the man commented. "Her fiance has asked if they might be wed after our young couple say their vows. I have told them they are welcome. Would you take the ladies to join the others?"
"God be praised!" the stout woman cried, rushing forward and taking Kitty in her arms and kissing her on both cheeks. "I will most certainly take my Kitten to join the others! Who is the groom?" she asked.
"I am!" Luthor answered. "Will you permit a doting aunt to bestow her blessings?" she asked.
"Most certainly!" Luthor agreed.
The woman embraced him strongly and kissed him on both cheeks. Then she took Kitty's hands and led her away. Luthor's henchmen grinned, but a look from him silenced any laughter. A few moments later the music began, and the first ceremony took place. Then the old man raised his hands. "We've got a surprise!" he cried. "Katrina and her groom have arrived and asked to join in these festivities, to be wed here! I have granted their request! Mr. Luthor?"
Luthor and his men came out and took the groom's position as the startled bride and groom stepped aside. The organist began to play the bridal march again, and Kitty appeared at the back of the chapel and made her way down to the center aisle. Ahs rose from the women as they saw her wedding gown. When she got to the altar she took her place beside Luthor.
"We're gathered here," the minister began "before God and this company to join this man and woman in holy matrimony. If there is anyone who knows why this union should not take place let him speak now, or forever hold his peace!"
There was complete silence, not even a murmur, then the pastor continued. "Do you, Lex Nathaniel Luthor, take this woman, Katrina Anna Kowalski, to be your lawfully wedded wife?"
"I do!" Luthor answered.
"Then you may put forth on her finger a ring, symbolizing that this bond has been made and this oath given. That you will love, honor, and cherish her all the days that she is on this Earth!"
Vic handed Luthor the ring and he slipped it on Kitty's finger. "With this ring," Luthor commented, "I do thee wed!" "Katrina," the minister continued, "do you take Lex as your lawfully wedded husband?"
"I do!" she answered.
"Then put forth on his finger," the minister continued, "a ring, signifying the oath that you now make, that you will love, honor, and obey him all the days that he is on this Earth."
Lois handed Kitty the ring and she put it on Luthor's finger. Her hand trembled and Luthor took it in his. "With this ring," Kitty managed, "I do thee wed!"
The minister smiled. "Then with the authority of God," he continued, "and the blessings of the state of New York I now pronounce you man and wife! Let no man try to dissolve `this union on the penalty of the loss of his immortal soul! You may kiss the bride!"
Luthor lifted Kitty's veil and kissed her very tenderly. "Wow!" Kitty muttered, "Why does that feel so much better now, why does it feel so much more important?"
Luthor smiled and everyone in the church rose, cheering and applauding. Lois looked kind of sad and Luthor leaned over and whispered to her "It's only because you must be kept safe!" he comforted. "I, of anyone, understand his reasons.
Lois smiled up at him. She was beginning to understand this man, far more than she had ever understood him before. She had fears that he knew her secrets, but these fears would never bother her again. She knew he could never use them to any advantage.

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