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"You're needed," Darklight remarked, "in the alleyway. Don't have time to deal with it."
In an instant he shot skyward and was gone. Murphy made his way to the alley way. Three men had a young woman pinned against the wall. One of them had his hand up under her blouse. "Now, calm down, sweetie!" the man was saying, "cooperate and we may even give you a few bucks so you can spend the night somewhere. Don't, and when we leave you won't be so pretty any more."
"That's quite enough!" Murphy snapped, "Let her go!"
The man speaking turned. "Walk off, Mac," he snapped, "while you can!" He reached under his coat and pulled out a gun. Murphy's came out a little bit faster. His bullet struck the man in the shoulder. The gun went flying as the man fell backward screaming obscenities.
"You two!" Murphy screamed, "On the ground, now!"
The man's two companions quickly obliged. Murphy got out his cell phone and called for a squad car. About twenty minutes later the three assailants were being hauled away. "You're free to go, miss!" he remarked.
The young woman picked up a suitcase. "Have you got a place to go?" Murphy asked. She shook her head.
"Hey, Frank!" Murphy called, "How about taking this young lady to the mission?" "It's full up!" the other officer answered. "Tried to drop a girl off there an hour ago. Had to take her to the county lock up, instead!"
Murphy sighed. "Well, I've got an extra room, miss, in my apartment. I promise you, you won't be bothered in any way, won't be asked to pay for the accommodations."
The girl smiled. "you trust me?" she asked.
Murphy smiled. "I've been on these streets for years," he answered. "I know the good ones from the bad ones." The girl nodded and her and Murphy headed off. "You cook?" Murphy asked. The girl nodded. The other officers watching them go smiled at each other.
"'Bout time!" one of them remarked. The other officer only nodded as they got back on patrol. High above, on the roof top, a figure in black watched the two people going down the street. After they disappeared into an apartment building he leapt off the roof and soared away.

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