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By; Gerald A. Polley
All rights reserved.

Chapter 1

Officer Bill Murphy ducked behind some rocks just as a hail of bullets exploded where he was. He popped up long enough to fire back a couple of rounds then ducked again to reload his assault rifle. One of his companions hollered to him.
"Murphy! Has anybody thought of calling Superman?"
"He's busy in The Ukraine," Murphy answered, "handling a nuclear emergency. We're going to have to handle this one ourselves!"
"If we can!" another member of The Metropolis City Police SWAT Team answered. Whoever was raiding the chemical plant must have known Superman was occupied or they would never have attempted such a thing in Metropolis. Murphy picked another hiding place and bolted for it. He was almost there when one of their adversaries rose from cover with an RPG and fired it.
"Aw, s**t!" Murphy screamed.
Suddenly a dark figure descended from the sky, a man in a black costume with a cape. The man spread his arms, lifting the cape. The rocket propelled grenade hit him in the chest and detonated, but all the fragments flew back towards those that had fired the grenade. The man landed and with incredible speed rushed to the three vehicles that were the attackers' main cover. He proceeded to pick up the vehicles, shake them until all of their occupants were strewed on the ground then he threw the vehicles over the buildings into the river! The SWAT team, taking advantage of the criminals' confusion, charged in and scooped them up! The man came back to Murphy. In a very deep voice he spoke.
"Can I render any further assistance, officer? Does that wounded man need evacuation to a medical facility?" Muirphy looked to the medic treating the wounded officer.
"No, sir," The medic answered. "Thanks to you his wounds are just superficial. We can handle it!"
"Very good!" the man in black commented. "Busy night, gentlemen! I must be off!"
"Sir," Murphy cried, 'Thank you very much! But who are you? I'm going to need a name for my report."
"Ahhh," the man in black commented, and Murphy could tell even with the mask that covered his face that he was smiling. "I'm called Darklight," he continued. "Good evening, officers! May They be with you!"
The man rose his left fist into the air and sailed away into the sky.
"Who in the hell was that?' one of the other officers commented coming up.
"Somebody called Darlklight," Murphy answered, "and it looks like he's somebody the bad guys aren't going to want around!"
"Yeah!" one of the criminals being dragged along moaned, "Another freak from some alien world who has to meddle in other peoples' affairs!"
"Well," Murphy answered, "from now on we'll be meddling in your affairs, me lad! Keep it movin' son!"
Some miles away a woman climbed up on the supports of a bridge over a busy river and looked down at the swirling water. "It's a long way down!" a deep voice commented, "And that's really not the solution."
The woman looked up, startled. The man in black floated in front of her in mid air! "You're not Superman!" she muttered. "No, the man in black answered, "just someone with his abilities. Come on! Let me take you home." "You couldn't know where I live!" the woman answered with a giggle.
The man extended his hand. The woman took it. Instantaneously she found herself spun around and held to the man's chest as they soared skyward. "Whoa!" she cried, "You definitely DO have Superman's abilities!" They landed in a desolate area. The man opened a steel door and motioned the woman to enter. They made their way down through glowing tunnels until they entered a brightly lit area that was filled with electronic equipment and expensive furniture. Two of the men sitting in some of the chairs jumped up and rushed towards the intruder.
"Mr. Luthor! Mr. Luthor!" one of them cried, "We've got a visitor!"
A bald man came around one of the banks of computers, stared at the woman and the man with her. "Have the boys sit down," the man in black remarked. "I want to have a little chat, Lex, about the thought you just had."
The bald man looked at the intruder, bewildered. "What thought did I just have?" he asked.
"That you can never get the best of Superman by committing evil criminal acts. The only way that you can prove yourself better than him is to commit criminal acts that do more good than harm, and keep Superman from catching you. Nice quarters, by the way! Who would've thought the greatest criminal mind of the era would set up operations in an old naval coal bunker that no one knows exists any more?"
The man walked over to a bin that was still heaped high with large chunks of coal. He picked up three large lumps and they seemed to flow together. He squeezed them smaller and smaller until finally he held up a large diamond. He walked over and gave it to the woman."Sell that for her," he remarked. "Open her a bank account. It's her money, you don't use it for any of your sickness. And by the way, there's an error in those calculations, 222nd line, 5th symbol!" The bald man quickly went through the papers he was carrying, then stared at the intruder. "He's right!" he muttered.
"Now!" the intruder continued, "Can we talk?"
"Why not?" the bald man answered. "You've definitely got my attention! Why don't you lose the cape and mask?" "I don't think so!" the intruder answered, "Maybe some time in the future, but not right now." He motioned towards an eating area. The bald man nodded, and they went over and sat down at one of the tables.

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